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Battle of the Bands

Thursday 5/24/12 at 6pm PHS...TSO will perform...Dont Miss it!!

Gig requests

TSO hasn't been performing live too much this winter because of their demanding school obligations. However, I may put togather a couple of local gigs in the next few months. Thanks for all the inquiries on where they will be performing. We will keep you updated on dates and times of their upcoming performances. In the mean time, check out the videos of past shows.


checkout our video of past shows

Halloween Party

Third Stone Odyssey will be performing at the Corner Pocket in Plaistow NH for their "Halloween Party" this will be a "Graveyard Smash!"

Old Home Day

Third Stone Oddyssey will be performing at 11am on Main st in Pelham NH for Old Home Day....Gimmie a Yay!

The Corner Pocket!

Third Stone Odyssey is proud to be playing at The Corner Pocket in Plaistow New Hampshire on Friday, August 19th. We are headlining, so of course a 3 hour set is in order! Our set is filled with loads of music ranging from Originals to Zappa to Green Day !

Bone Stock

TSO had a Great time at Bone Stock! What an Awesome venue! There where alot of people there enjoying the Music and all the other activities. We cant wait to do it again next year. A BIG Thank You to everyone who attended...3


Well, Mickayla is back from Lebanon and Chuckie is back from Dweezila and Justin got some New pajamas so TSO Should be HOT at the BoneStock Music Festival in Vermont next week August 6th.....So dont miss this Show!!

Hoopfest 2011 Nashua NH

We had an Awesome time at Hoopfest and Thank You to all who attended. Great party and people everywhere!

New Videos up

There are 2 new videos up,"Pipeline" and "Moby Dick" live at the VFW in Lowell Ma. So check them out...Thanks... :)