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Dead Prez

The MLK Days of Dialouge was the shit this year. Good discussions panels, food, and entertainment. The highlight of the week had to be Dead Prez. They keep it hood as a hell and censor themselves for no one. Its weird hearing them yell shit about the "White Man" in a room full of white people and everyone embraces it! Hahaha! believe me, that shit wouldn't fly if it was vice versa. Doors would get locked, riots would start and performers would have a media frenzy on their hands! I think that the dopest thing was the end of the show and getting to spit for M1 and DJ Mike Flo. M1 was feeling how I was doing it. He might not have wanted to hear it but he showed true love! The whole Wyoming Chroniklez clique was there to show out despite the occasional girl rolling up on Jake and punching him in the back! I know old Jake would have laid a bitch out for real! Hahahaha! Real shit though, Dead Prez talked about some of the realest stuff I've ever heard before. i hope that when we start getting more performances, we would demand nothing but the same for ourselves. Soon enough it will be our day to shine! For right now, its time for work! -Dr. Mario Wyoming Chroniklez