Its summertime Guerillas and you know what that means... BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!! And if you haven't noticed; LAST EMPIRE CARTEL is on the hunt for a win. NOT ONLY has LEC entered into the National Vans Warp Tour 16 Battle of the Bands competition, (so VOTE VOTE VOTE) BUUUTTT.... LAST EMPIRE CARTEL is also taking it to the streets of PHOENIX, their HOMETOWN, for another local Battle of the Bands put on by Gorilla Music Productions. That LIVE SHOW will be at Club Red/Red Owl on June 3rd and it will be an elimination battle so crowd applause is the final judgement call... BATTLE BOTS: OLD SCHOOL STATUS!!! Please mob out for this show and support LEC as they battle for $500 CASH & 20 hour STUDIO TIME!!! EVERYONE CAN APPLAUD FOR THAT!

Furthermore, don't forget to vote through any of our pages, don't forget to stay hydrated for those summer months, and don't forget THE UPRISING. LAST EMPIRE CARTEL IS MAKING NEW MUSIC FOR THE MASSES AS WE ALL TAKE OVER THE INDUSTRY WITH OUR GUERILLA TACTICS! PLANET OF THE APES STYLE....

much love, LEC


Alright, all you CARTEL members out there... The OFFICIAL LAST EMPIRE CARTEL STORE is up and running and has the coolest and freshest LEC gear so we can all rep a new movement. LAST EMPIRE CARTEL has a new CARTEL BASEBALL TEE as well as some dope CARTEL HOODIEs and a CHICKTANK. Don't forget to pick up the LEC EP 'The Uprising' or download ringtones of all your favorite LEC jams like "Manic Metro" or "Chagrin Falls."

WE GO INTO IT as always and we will continue to rise up against a world that leaves our SOULs BLEEDing. Become a member of the CARTEL today and SECURE your spot on the front lines of this battle of GOOD MUSIC VS. EVIL!




LEC takes a huge stride again today dropping even further on the Rock charts on www.reverbnation.com in Phoenix, AZ. Yesterday, down by 33 slots; today by 34!!! JUST KILLING IT!!!! LAST EMPIRE CARTEL is so appreciative of the fans that have recently come along and made this movement possible, but also and maybe more importantly to the fans that have been there since day one... our families, our close friends and significant others, previous and current LEC members that have put in countless hours and hard work into making our still very small start something big and to be proud of. SHORT POST TODAY- just feeling nostalgic this morning and knowing that LEC is gonna keep their heads low and humble as we rise to the top in PHX and hopefully the country. keep plugging LEC and VIRAL THE SH*T OUT OF US to EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!! LIVE. SIMPLE. LOVE. LIFE. LISTEN. LAST EMPIRE CARTEL...


LEC trekking thru the crowd at awesome Vans Warp Tour 2013 in Phoenix.. Back home with our friends and family! We definitely think its possible. We just got to get on this friending/ trending/ fanning/ 'Like'ing/ and Tweeting thing. LAST EMPIRE has gotten a jolt of energy and are gonna make a name for ourselves no matter what. -AND its because of YOU (the fan) that is gonna get us to where we want to b and where we want YOU to be with us. LAST YEAR- this time we were on the verge of splitting up and seeing if other alternatives would be best for us, but we decided that we would trudge forward and revamp and we're in that process right now! JUST YESTERDAY- with our obvious guerilla tactics, we bumped our PHX, AZ standings ^33 on Reverbnation and we are getting stuff together to have the best RPK that is out there.. Our next step will b submission to every festival/ every show/ every contest out there that's right for us and will become the next big thing in AZ and the US. AND FOR YOU.. it'll feel like it happened over night and YOU will get to say you knew LEC before then, but for LAST EMPIRE CARTEL- you will know we put in the work and the effort and we will make sure we deserve YOUR love and adoration by the time you're looking to us for a musical movement that will create THE UPRISING!! AS ALWAYS- much love from LEC and VIRAL THE F*CK OUT OF US!!!


LAST EMPIRE CARTEL has had some time to think about what we're doing, when we're doing it; and why we want to continue this undying effort to get new music to the masses. Recently, there has been some changes to the line-up of group members and it has been a tumultuous road back from the ashes, but hey we're from Phoenix (THATS WHAT WE DO!) We lost Nate Butt and Jimbo AKA American Psycho but we gained two new guys that are really putting themselves out there playing this NuMetal that we've created. Now on Bass we have Martin Richardson, who has been playing for years and has had a great run of it before LEC. We also added Brandon Thomas playing drums. B Thomas and our guitarist Mondo V have been in a few bands together before so the transition was simplistic to say the least. LEC is looking towards recording new music and finishing up our full length album by December of this year. We'll definitely keep everyone posted if that gets moved up or pushed back. Lastly, the reason behind the hiatus is obvious, LIFE HAPPENS! Josh opened a Tattoo shop in Old Town, Scottsdale fittingly called OLD TOWN INK (facebook/website them) and Michael finished his Massage Therapy schooling and is doing that on the side as well as bartending. Mondo has been grinding away on new music for LEC to lash back out with, and the new guys are pumped to be a part of THE UPRISING. Music will never yield and neither will LAST EMPIRE CARTEL. Music is the LAST EMPIRE you can overthrow; and we're the CARTEL that intend to do it!