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Well Hello there, last Saturday marked the first day that I was in the studio working on my next full length record, Clarity. It was a very exciting session, as me and Tony got pretty down and dirty in talks about what we want to do with the record. We got a chance to dig pretty deep into the intro and gave it a very very dope texture and flow. We still have much polishing to do, but it was awesome to hear the quality of work even at such an early stage. The record itself is another 14 track LP, with a few twists and turns. It looks to answer questions of, and to shed opinion on, moral righteousness and social chaos through the mindset of one who is "clear". I learned a lot about myself while writing this record, and the learning process won't be over until Clarity is ready to be pressed. And even then the learning process won't end, because the project after this will yet again serve as instruction to my path of life, and hopefully yours as well.