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Keep Us In Your Prayers!

We are going through some changes. Our frontman, Sean has decided to step down. We support his decision and pray he does well and stays in God's will in all he does.

We are writing new music for our upcoming album, looking for a frontman and tour sponsor(s) for our next tour and have many doors opening that could/should lead to some big opportunities in 2013. If you or someone you know may be interested in auditioning or sponsorship, hit us up!

Most of all, please keep us in your prayers!

Thanks and God Bless, SOS

We need help now! Thanks!

In James 4:2 we are told that we have not because we ask not. Well, we (Shield Of Salvation) are asking for a bus. We have shows booked and many more in the works in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee for our tour. We have also been contacted about shows in Arkansas. God is blessing us and we are starting to get new shows consistently and are aiming for 200+ this year. Our problem is that we have been borrowing vehicles to pull our trailer and sometimes have to drive separately just to get everyone to the shows. That will no longer work. Our last 2 shows left us broke down on the side of the road both times. We no longer have any way to get to these shows. We really need your help. We are asking for someone to donate a bus to us as we are doing this full time now and every penny we make goes back into the ministry. To be truthful, we have made no money ourselves. We are in this for the ministry not the money. We have been called to do this and know that God will place this on someone's heart to help us continue our growing ministry by giving us what we need to continue. A bus with a bathroom and bunks would be a plus as even a single motel room will be a luxury while on the road. One of our main goals besides spreading gospel through music is being able to show the love of Christ by helping others along the way meet their own needs, whatever they may be. In order for us to do that, we need your help now. If God is speaking to you, please don't hesitate to contact us. This is an immediate need and we could really use it as soon as March 3rd (in 3 days) as we have a show at Ziggy's and don't know how we will get there. We will get there though and God will be glorified. Very few Christian acts have ever, I repeat, EVER played at Ziggy's and we can't wait to see the Holy Spirit move there. For those of you who know us, you know this is of God. Please, share this need with everyone, not just people you know, but businesses you visit, people you see on the street and anyone else you can think of. Let this be a work even those who do not know Jesus cannot deny! Thank you and God Bless! Shield Of Salvation