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First Blog Entry!

Hey folks,

The Brand New Life is cooking up some new tunes. We've got about 4 on deck. Two of them are in 9/8 time. The first one called, "Alex Ritchie's Black Hole Theory" with a cool groove, jostling horn rhythm and composed rounds.

The other tune in 9/8 time has a groove that we are just beginning to understand! We jammed on a groove that Daniel (drum set) came up with and improvised a cool bass line, horn melody and guitar part. Now we are going back and dissecting each part and discovering that the groove is way more complex that we knew! The wonders on improvising and rhythm!

Tune 3 is one some will recognize from the Musical Playhouse jam session that Daniel and Walter hosted last summer called "Playhouse Theme Song." It's a funky tune with a shout soli section for the horns and strings, a nice dynamic build up and climatic solo section.

Tune 4 is from Senegal via Mamadou Mbengue with awesome drum breaks and screeching horns.

Keep your ears open. They are coming at you soon!