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AVE, After a long delay finally the whole recording/mixing and mastering of our fitth full length assault MORBID DEATHFUCK is done. As you have probably known MORBID DEATHFUCK will be release under the New Zealand's new extreme Metal label HELL'S VOMIT PRODUCTIONS (www.hellsvomit.com) worldwide on a CD format.And as for the cassatte's format it will be release under INCONSPIRACY RECORDS in a limited 333 copies only! We still under negotiation with a few label about the 12 inch LP version and will inform you guys again about the LP version. Recorded at Eyes&Ears Studio @ RAM Studio in Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) and Mixed/Mastered at the Route 33 Papar(Malaysia) by Mr Tajul Anderz MORBID DEATHFUCK will slay your ears with our 8 purely new Sacrilegious aggressive Speed Extreme Metal music mercilessly !!! MORBID DEATHFUCK DERIVE BLASPHEMIES..MORBID DEATHFUCK SIX HUNDRED SIXTY SIXXX !!!

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Kult Rogolized MCD under New Zealand's Hell's Vomit Productions!! More update soon...Prepare your ears to be Rogolized unmercifully !!


Spit At The Gods-limited MC's (Evil Dead Productions) Haista Vittu Pukimak ! Split CD with Bonehunter(Hell Vomits Records)


NOW UNLEASHED! EVILUST NEKROLUST (Digipack MCD) through Blackwinds Productions !!! For details hanaelhellangel@yahoo.com !! EVILUST FUCKING NEKROLUST !!!

Evilust NekrolustEP 2012 soon to be unleashed!!!

After many circumstances FINALLY Singahell's Blackwinds Production will be the official label to release Mantak Evilust Nekrolust MCD to the legion in a digipack format....EVILUST NEKROLUST will storm the underworld extreme metal world at the end of this month and will vomit Mantak 2 unreleased hellhyms entitled Evilust Nekrolust & Ov Hell and Blasphemies plus the different version of Diabolical Psycholust and few other tracks which have only been released on vinyl format before...! MANIACS!!! Get this diabolikal gems of hell through Blackwinds Productions or Die!!