RING OF SCARS covers In FLAMES "Cloud Connected" on Youtube

just google it. RING OF SCARS does our thing with a classic metal jam by IN FLAMES. See studio clips of us recording (and goofing off).

Band members get pissed! New Webisode!

So... If you didn't see it yet, The best metal band around has a new WEBISODE! join the band for crazy drunken nights in the studio... Laugh at us! Rock out with us behind the scenes! Listen to band members get pissed! Get a sneak peak at the new album! IT'S ALL HERE!!!


Ring Of Scars on search for new Bassist or Guitarist

Hey kids...

While your favorite metal band RING OF SCARS is finishing up the new cd "Evolution of the Disease" in the studio over the next month or 2, we really need your support.

This cd will be the heaviest thing we have put out thus far and it really shows how far the band has come since the 2008 release "symptom EP",

Here's where you come in:

We need a REALLY killer guy (or gal) for bass or guitar. I mean seriously good. We have a guy leaving for school in a few months and we would love to chain him up and keep him around but we don't wanna hold the guy back. If you are gonna take his spot you have to be fairly skilled (clean sweep picking through all 6 strings, ability to learn by ear for the most part, etc.)

If we can't find someone strong enough on guitar to replace him, we may decide to switch a few things up and bring in a really killer bassist instead.

Hit up our management if you are in the central FL area or if you are willing to relocate hear and think you wanna give it a shot.






New Music! New Recordings! New ADDITION!

New Music! New Recordings! New ADDITION! Current mood: fermented So the time has come again to make a few quick notes on the band and update you all...

... We are happy to announce the addition of a brand new drummer to the group: Eldin from the FL Metal band BLEEDING INC. has joined up and heavies up the mix a bit.

Also- we have decided to get a better mix on a few songs and we have re-uploaded the heavier version of 3 of our demos to the myspace. Be one of the first to check this out:


We also spent some extra time on the song "Savior" as the last mix was a bit rushed and we weren't happy with it- so now you can enjoy it in its new form.

We have also decided to take what we have recorded over the last few months and use it as pre-production material and start over recording our cd with Eldin at the helm on drums. This should give us a more natural feel and sound, and will let us revisit some of the ideas from a fresh point of view. In the meantime we just had pre-production promo cd's pressed and we will have them for sale CHEAP! So hit us up here with a quick email, or come to the next show and snag a few.

That being said, we are taking some time off for the next 60 days or so to get the epicness that will be the next album done. We have 1 show booked to get us out of the studio and onstage over the next 2 months and that is JULY 17 in Mount Dora FL.

Come out to hear some new material and get yer hands on a cd.