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September 1, 2010 We began rehearsing for the A Love Electric release shows yesterday. Im so fortunate to play with all these guys.... a few years back it seemed a reach to get up with them and blow. Its humbling and encouraging. This tour has been my first real foray into the world that is booking a tour, and its not fun. Its part of the deal, but it takes a great deal of humility, understanding, and distance from the art you've created to get through it without becoming cynical or reactionary.....or disappointed. Its actually gone quite well, playing at some of the spots Ive always wanted to, Dakota Jazz Club it gets no finer, and all the happening rooms in town, but the waiting game and ocassional disinterest of a club owner or booking agent can get the head rumbling with doubt and questions not worth considering. When its time to actually make the music, I get to find a place back to joy in creation. Thats what the next month holds, lots of shows.

The summer has passed and I got two records out of the deal. For now, all the energy will go to A Love Electric, but recent changes in life have led me back to some songwriting and older tunes. I recorded what was intended to be an album, stripped and honest, with Chris Bates and JT Bates a few weeks back. It turned out lovely, about half ot it. I started digging through my old hard drive and found some sessions I did with Benny WEinbeck, Greg Schutte, Adam Linz a few years back, never released it.... some out rock, dense song stuff, that I fell back to loving. Was a gift to have those around, now we have a full record, called "The Hope Tonic" that will come out after the new year. Im really happy about it. I miss singing those songs, and the playing from everyone on the record is beautiful.

Obviously my head tends to jump around and head to the next project, need to remind myself all the time and work we put into A Love Electric, that its a cool record, and that we need to get it out in front of people. Im consumed by music right now and thats the best place for me to be living.

Thanks so much for your support