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Six Mile 2011-02-26 Recordings


Julie O - gtr/vox Trey Kulp - gtr -- Steve Mitchell - bass Steve McAlpine - drums Bryan Lee - Percussion

Setlist: 01 Swing Swing 02 Stronger Than Me(Amy Whinehouse Cover) 03 Like A Star 04 Waiting 05 Blue Moon 06 Rock Steady 07 Run Boy Run 08 Ganja Babe 09 Plane 10 Sweat 11 Freestyle Battle Jam (Featuring Misfit Coalition) 12 Things Change 13 Signature Jam

Free recordings : Live at Anne Arundel Community College


In support of the children of Uganda we played music at AACC to help raise money as part of the School for Schools program. Yeah! Playing music for a cause! Enjoy!

Live on the Archive -- Free Live Show downloads!


EP Credits

EP Cover Art by Pat Arcand

Swing Swing Vocals- Julie O. Bass, Lead/Rythm Guitar, Drums- Trey Kulp Saxophone- Immanuel Williams

Like A Star Vocals-Julie O. Bass, Drums- Emmanuel Harrison Rythm Guitar- Trey Kulp Lead Guitar- Julie O.

Ganja Babe (Michael Franti Cover) Vocals- Julie O. Bass, Lead Guitar, Drums- Trey Kulp

Run Boy, Run Vocals- Julie O. Drums, Lead Guitar- Trey Kulp Rhythm Guitar- Julie O.