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Despair Is My Mistress Interviews/Reviews

Good Evening,

Gorlock would like to extend its invitation to all, including its fans, for anyone interested in conducting a review and or interview of Gorlock, concerning its new EP release 'Despair Is My Mistress.' If you are truly interested, please contact the band via our myspace, facebook, and or reverbnation for all details concerning the interviews/reviews.

Respectfully, ---Buer, Eric, And Adam Of Gorlock.

Despair is My Mistress IS RELEASED!!!!!

Salve Gorlock Fans, After three years in darkness, Gorlock has finally released its special edition ep to you the fans! this day 07.08.2011. The album is released via digital release and will follow with a hard copy release next week. Enjoy! ***GORLOCK (BUER, ADAM, ERIC).