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Fake Friends

How come it seems like errybody wanna be buddy buddy to ya til you turn around in this country? Come on now, we all adults ova here! There ain't no time for dis childish ish bull. You cool wit me, then you is, if you aint then drink bleach hata! Im good! My team wit me til I D.I.E. Ayo Hunter you my brotha fam! Keep ya head to da sky boi! We here now, ofcourse they gon hate! All I ask is that anybody with a problem make it be known to me from your own mouth, or swallow it! haha WE N HERE!

Headed for the top of the map...

Cant wait to head up to Philly for a few wit my boy Hunter and the band Affliktion. Its gonna be so surreal performin in Philly, New Hampshire, Manchester, Dover and New Jersey. Its like all we've ever worked for is starin us right in the face. And i'll be damned if i'm just gonna stand around and wonder "what if." H-Boy we here fam! Special shout out and thanks to everyone who is supporting us and rooting for us on this journey. We wont let yall down. I promise!

A day in the life...

Everyday is the same as the previous day as far of what it consist of, work, party, and work some more. These hatas aint takin days off so how can I? It never really gets easier having to leave friends and family day after day in order to chase your dreams, But dreams don't come around too often knocking on your door, You only live once, so make it good enough that you'll never wish you had a second chance. Me and Hunter bout to go burn down another studio in Glennville wit my boy Cal. SO STAY TUNED FOR NEW MUSIC