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Andrew Haze is an independent music producer, under the label "Creative Commons" Born in Uruguay, (2/jun/1984) from a young age he was attracted to music .. preferred the Groups like Queen, Beatles and Michael Jackson. As a teenager, attracted by the electronic music, and start recording thousands of tapes that kind of music, recorded from the radio. Later finds out and begins to experiment with several cassette players that could edit the songs and do some sound effects, and show them to friends ... Later Andrew acquired better technology (PC) and start experimenting with music production, with Software, Making Creations good as criticism of his early demos that went uploaded to "Jamendo.com" The first clues were 2 "Seamoon" and "You Can Brake This" that are so far the most loved by fans His artistic name ( Andrew Haze ) is due to a kind of joke or mockery of the great superstars that are often radically change the name .. Then Andrew started to publish more serious songs that have been well received by many people...