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The Ind show

Live stream ….Tonight check it out on http://www.yungworkint.com the box That says Accesssacramneto 11:00 PM - The IND Show: 'Vol. 5 Remix' we the hottest show T.V. show in sacramento And I'm number one in Sacramento http://www.reverbnation.com/texacali254… we can't be stop


Today, a local promoter expressed exactly what a promoter does. They set up the venue, book a DJ, advertise the event and who are performing attendees. Now keep in mind... If you don't work for the club where the event is taking place; The promoter is enduring the cost or is spliting procedes with other associates join ventured. Anyhow!... The artist responsiblity is to show up on time and bring their fan base. If the artist doesn't do either, then, They can't complain on how it go's down. Unless you have done it yourself, you can't complain. Think about it as helping artist exposure. Also a way for artist to practice until your act is branded. Before I close... Promoters do what they do because some have the passion is keeping entertainment alive. If each of us don't continue to support local venues and independent music. We could lose it!