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Humanity's Glass Ball Demo

Hey everybody, this is Hampton from Deviance. We are currently finalizing our demo titled "Humanity's Glass Ball"

This new release will feature the following songs: 1.)Bad Habit *surprise clip* 2.)Clench My Fear 3.)A New Love 4.)The Art of Love 5.)Vanessa 6.)Border of Order (full version)

The Demo is about 30 minutes long and showcases our widely diverse and original sound quite well.

we recorded this demo at a home studio engineered and produced by former bass player for Seven Mary Three - Casey Daniel.

We should be sending in the order for duplication within the next week, so our release date will be announced shortly. We will be selling the demo for $7; however, special offers and opportunities will pop up from time to time.

I'll keep you guys updated as life moves on. Peace! -Hampton.