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Provisional Productions


Provisional Productions is a Production company I started to film my own projects, eventually settling on musicians in general. I've filmed and edited live shows, interviews, music videos and promotional videos.

Currently on Hiatus until I get myself organized to edit again, but in the meantime you can check out what I have worked on and can't wait to get back to it. Check out some local Canadian talent and hope you enjoy.

Christmas Update.

For those of you who do actually know me, I love film, been making short movies for years and want to make movies some day (Already worked on an independent film as a Camera Assistant, Production Assistant and as several Extra bits in the movie.)

Point being, Christmas time is for me to ask for something I actually 'need' to help me succeed in whatever I want to do. Last year I asked for Go Pros to film bands with which have been amazing since that's what I use for my cover videos linked on this site.

This Christmas I knew money was tight so instead of going with a Mac Lap Top to edit footage, I decided to update some music equipment since I've been focusing on music so much in the last 6 months.

This year, I finally got a Wireless set up for my guitar so I am no longer bound and ready to free roam, 12 input sound board which will help for better sounding videos for my music as well as whatever else I can film, New guitar case, new cord for my second microphone, strap locks so I don't have to keep catching my guitar mid air as well as got the inside of my Ibanez put back together since some wires broke...2014 is looking like its going to be a good year for Atactic.

So, with that being said, I plan to re-record some of my demos to give you better quality, borrowed my cousins bass to learn the notes so I can have a more in depth understanding of music in general (Mainly self taught), as well as I'll be heading back to Toronto so we'll see what that brings in terms of music.

Also, got to jam with Stephen and my cousin Matt the other day, lots of fun and hope to do it again sometime soon.

Youtube Channel.

I started a Youtube channel so I could upload videos featuring original or covered songs.


The videos all get linked to this site anyways but just in case anyone wants to look them up sometime.

Again, this channel features mostly covers but I have the 5 Atactic Originals up as well. I can't wait to have other musicians to jam with so they can be shaped and molded into songs that just make you want to jump and yell at the top of your lungs.

In terms of covers, I have vocal and guitar covers of bands currently ranging from Slipknot, Stone Sour, Korn, System Of A Down, AlterBridge and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I am trying to attempt different styles of vocals to see what my definitive range is and what I should stick to so I don't embarrass my self trying to pull off a style like Freddie Mercury and sounding like a dying squirrel instead.

Even if I don't end up being lead vocals by the end of the recruiting process, It's all good practice for me even If I were to do back up vocals and a way to critique myself so I can better understand how I sound and perform before actually performing in front of a real crowd to ensure I give 110% into making those fans go nuts.

Anyways, check out the cover videos, critique them, share them, give me suggestions for future cover songs.

2013 Update

Can't believe it's been five years since I last made a blog on this page. Been attending school at Loyalist for 2 years now, going on the third for Television New Media Productions.

Been playing guitar on and off for the past few years, writing down tabs and riffs to come up with newer music while adding to old riffs from demos from 2008.

But now making progress in writing and recording to promote what i got so far, uploaded 3 new guitar demos, working on getting other people on board but its a work in progress when I get back home from Toronto where I currently am.

I'll update again whenever I got anything else more to say, in the meantime, if you're reading this, hope you've enjoyed what you've heard thus far and can't wait to get full demos out there.

- Dylan

First Blog Entry

This is Dylan. I never even thought of doing this before but its a good way to update about the music.

Jessie is no longer in the band, we are recruiting a new bass player as we speak.

The music on this is older so its not as good as it is now. The tuning on this e,b,g,d,a,d. The tuning that is going to make it more metal and better, is dropped B c,f,e,b,f,b.

Morality is going to be taken off once we redo the songs and make more ones. Im just sick of that song so finaly, it will get taken away, lol.

Finaly, this music gets recorded at Stephens with his microphone he has, its not great, but its good for now. When we have our music completly down packed and a full band....and have $200, we're going to pay and have as much of our music recorded in better quality and put on a demo.

So the music might not be great yet, but its good and its getting better. All this is just incase someone listens in and gets interested and wants to help.

Dylan Sypher