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Guitar and composition lessons in Vienna

Styles: Progressive, Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Metal, Pop, Flamenco, Latin Folk... etc.

Technique: Accompaniment. Tremolo picking. Arpeggios and sweep picking. Tapping (1, 2 and 3 fingers). Finger picking. Chord melody. Acoustic and E-Guitar.

Music Theory: Solfege (Rhythm and tuning up). Grammar (Scales and chords construction). Harmony (Tonal, modal and chromatic progressions).

Improvisation: II-V-I Tonal, modal and chromatic. Extensions.

Composition: Understanding how other instruments work. Writing a whole score.

Recording: Analog recording. Sound emulation with digital technology. Mixing. Producing. If interested please send me an E-mail to: admin@manuelcalvokamper.com. I speak Spanish, English, German and French.