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hey ALL! My friend Julie is raising $$ throughout February to help at risk women in Ethiopia through an organization called Mocha Club and I want to help! every cent that comes in from the download of my song "It's Love" will go strait toward Julie's goal.. $800 to get 2 women off the streets! PLEASE HELP! you choose how much you want to donate, just click the link and change a life!


SUMMERFEST! 88.9 and Mad City! =)

wow, the show today was SO much fun... it's not every show that I get to bring my kids and watch them hula hoop through my entire set;) Coming up next is hanging out with Jordan Lee this Thursday @4pm... I'll be the featured 414 artist on 888.9 so tune in via radio or internet! AND this Friday I'll be playing my first Madison show at Redamte Coffee House!


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after soaking up some Georgia sun and working on some finishing touches with the very talented Jesse Lee Smith, the new ep hits iTunes this week!