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I don't know how or why folks find me here but I thank you for listening and keeping my music in the top 10 on the regional ranks!

Missing Donna-Everyday Deaths of Everyday People

For some reason I was drawn to work on a song Donna Holman and I started four years ago today. I just realized it was the anniversary, it was clearly four years ago when she insisted on finishing my song, Everyday Deaths of Everyday People, four days later she told me she had pancreatic cancer. She lived a year a half and I miss her everyday. Little did I know when I started that song she would be soon, an everyday death that broke so many hearts. Here's the rough draft.

Mr. Lincoln, he got shot Elviis died, it broke myheart There’s Patsy Cline & Jessie James We all recognize their names and then there’s the

(chorus)Everyday deaths of everyday people Everyday in the daily paper An old friends dad, some teacher you had Sometimes you cry or just read by About The everyday deaths of everyday people Everyday in the daily paper There’s suicides and accidents Little children never make no sense Sometimes you cry or just read by

Now Mary was a lonely gal Worked in a factory south of town Her brothers and sisters all loved her so They weren’t ready but she had to go

The everyday deaths of everyday people Everyday in the daily paper There’s suicides and accidents Little children never make no sense Sometimes you cry or just read by

Some gang banger, way too young Died in the grass by the parking lot No alto sax riffing you out in glory Radio didn’t mention your name It wasn’t much of a story

The everyday deaths of everyday people Everyday in the daily paper There’s suicides and accidents Little children never make no sense Sometimes you cry or just read by

Captain Womack was just a boy Trusting heart when he joined the war Saw his buddies get blown apart He blew his mind, he died like all the rest

Thanks for listening to, Dolly, Pardon Me..

This recording is with my band, Crybaby Ranch. Kandice Kos on vox, Gregg Welch on bass & vox, Susan Newton on fiddle & vox, Clipper Sifton on drums and me on guitar.


I just realized I posted new songs that hadn't been redone or mixed, so, I deleted them.

Anxiously Awaiting for

the final mix of Crybaby Ranch's cd. We had Tyler Giles join us on pedal steel for a few tunes(he'll be playing with us next Saturday night) and Dane Tally lay down some honky tonk piano. I'm really hoping the cd will be ready to present by Saturday... There will three new tunes we have never performed which we will be playing at our five year anniversary party at Westport Saloon. We plan to play the cd material during our first set and those obscure covers we've twisted into our own in the second set. I believe we'll be starting at 8:00. No cover and great food. I have started to play with Sherri Lawson and Delilah. Sherri is a great songwriter and vocalist. Check her out.


Just finished rehearsal with Crybaby Ranch going over several new tunes we will be recording soon. Our goal is to have our cd ready to release on March 28th. We will be doing a bit of a different arrangement of, Now Goodbye Me and Boom, Boom, Boom. We've added a new tune from Kandice and two old tunes of mine, one that was co-written by Julianne Couch( author of, Jukeboxes and Jackalopes-check her out). So is anyone out there listening. I hope not, the cd is a secret. Goodnight


Looking forward to my band, Crybaby Ranch's first gig of the year at The Westport Saloon in January! We have decided to move forward performing with a majority of original material. We'll record, Now Goodbye Me. with a a couple of changes, thank you Jude Kite(Rumblejets & Culprits). Kandi has an old song that harkens back to the 1960's of country music and we're going lay tons of steel guitar on it. Will plan to record at least two of Susan's tunes, Kandi's original waltz along with my tunes, Gina's Lament, Boom Boom Boom( hugely different than the version I have posted here), I'm really excited to record, Photograph to which the vocals bring life to the song and some tunes that have been buried in the guitar case for a few years. We will promote the band as roots and plan to begin recording in February. Thanks for checking in.


Next show with my band, Cry Baby Ranch, is in Parkville, Missouri at Frank James Saloon on November the 30th. Anyone coming?

New/old tune...Now Goodbye Me

Just spent time in the studio with Pat Tomek and Molly Hammer finishing vocals on a tune I wrote years ago. Donna Holman had heard it and recorded it last year, thank you Big D. I decided to go ahead and do so myself. The amazing Molly knocked it out on take one, we did a second for fun. Molly did her backing vocals with only one retake on one chorus. I am so pleased to have the dobro and mandolin from the Modern Hicks (California, please check them out and buy a cd) playing on this recording. Hopefully Pat will get it mixed before he and the Rainmakers head overseas to tour. When I have Now Goodbye Me posted a slow version of Boom, Boom, Boom should be good to go featuring Kathleen Knuckler on vocals and Stephanie Bryan on trombone. Now Goodbye Me should be posted by Monday. Thanks for listening.

anyone out there?

Looking forward to completing this project. Talk to me?