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JB King - Entry 1

It's no easy thing to move so much as I have and maintain a relationship with enough people to gain support for a musical ambition. And really... friends are the key to the advancement of music these days. Close friends see you are passionate, they see you are good, and they tell others about your music.

This isn't the case for me. I have been all over the United States, Mexico and parts of Canada throughout my life and have never really had the chance to nail down any concrete friends, but, I have surrounded myself with die-hard musicians who are a lot like me and we can rock and roll with the best of them.

Our submissions to play with top acts in the nation have come back with positive results. But our fanbase still suffers. Had we lived here all our lives and built strong narrow friendships, those friends today would be pressing their circles of friends and we would be growing our base much quicker than we currently are.

So, we are looking into some different methods of advertising to get our brand out and get some attention. It's our goal to get everyone listening and retain 20% of those who listen as fans or street team members.

So, with the battle ahead, and so much experience behind, we hope to accomplish the dream that all musicians share... to sell out the desert!!!

The Ventura Theater Show

It was a great time and a great opportunity. We played the Majestic Ventura Theater with a Legend, John Mayall, who is the father of European Blues and inspiring great music like that of Fleetwood Mac and CREAM. We got to meet John and shake hands before the show. But it wasn't long before we would take the stage and come out with energy and enthusiasm that would shake the house.

With a last minute change to how we would enter the stage, it was somewhat comical, but only to us as the audience had no idea what we were doing. But then again, neither did our lead guitarist, (Brandon), who came out to a cheering audience and proceeded to tune his guitar while he was all alone on the stage. Chris waited a few seconds and then ran out on stage with his hands up to his ears drawing the audience into cheers and building up the moment. As Chris took his position on the drums, Brandon started out with a lick that would pull the drums in and then Baggs and JB came out with an explosion of sound to start off the show with "Revolution".

We played like we were at "The Garden" (Madison Square Garden), and would soon find out that we were playing for none other than Paul Stanley of KISS. I so remember watching the Tom Snyder interview with KISS at least a thousand times and gleaned all that could from this band that would become an example for all performing musicians who want to be noticed.

Chris and his girlfriend got their picture as well as some of our friends and family with the STAR. JB talked with him after the show and told him of the Tom Snyder interview and Paul said that the band did a great show. This was one of those times when you get affirmation from a childhood hero and it just made our night.

Should we run into him again, we hope that we can drive the music home for him and maybe even get his endorsement or even help for future music deals.

We had a great turnout with nearly 500 people joining us for our portion of the show and we hope that the next time we come out that more of you can join us.

Right now, we are back in the studio working out all the tunes for our upcoming release of "Urban Wildlife Petting Zoo". After that, we hope to be on the bill with Robin Trower and maybe even play shows with him from Ventura to Santa Cruz. So, keep your eyes on the schedule to see if we get the confirmations.

Thanks to everyone for your loyal support of Bass Ackwards Music and have a Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.