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At this Time (August 2015)

We are going and evolving at this Time. Mostly shows center around Nashville Tennessee, but our Fall includes a show at Martin's in Jackson, MS. October 3, 2015. This will be our first show in Jackson MS. and we have a suspicion this is a good place as Mississippi loves the WSP music. Also in the fall 2015 we return to Scruffy City Hall Knoxville 11/20/15. We always look forward to Knoxville and the people/party there! Going on 9th or 10th time we have appeared in Knoxville. We LOVE you Knoxville! December 12, 2015 we return to headline Uncle Pats Panic Party VI Toys for Tots show @ Soulshine Pizza Midtown Nashville. Holiday party time in Nashville! Thanks to Uncle Pat! In Spring 2016 (April) we look forward to playing a private wedding event in Knoxville. Thats all at this time, but as you can see we are busy enough but not to busy to play your club or event. Thank you for your support friends, fans , club owners etc..

Wrangler Space

2013 so Far

Well after a big show for Uncle Pats Panic Party IV (toys for Tots benefit) in December of 2012 @ 12th and Porter, we have had some really cool gigs in the Nashville area. 3rd and Lindsley twice (March and June), Soulshine Pizza 4/20/13 ( a jam packed affair) , Our friends wedding reception in May, which was really fun. Now we are looking forward to playing at The /coupe in Hickman County, our first foray there to jam for the folks out in the country. Fun year so far ! Hauler

Wrangler Space / Knoxville

Thank You Knoxville and Preservation Pub! It was real deal good times last night ya'll. Don't it feel good? See you next time! Robert / Wrangler Space

Revolution Room Little Rock 2/12

Gotta give props to Chris King of Revolution Room in Little Rock who saw the potential in Wrangler Space , committed and booked the band for two shows. The first (12/17/12) to introduce the town to the band and the 2nd (2/25/12) to coalesce and expand the audience . And his vision worked out well as the first show, the lovely audience of 45 grew into a group of 150 groovy people for the return engagement. And folks that how it is done, so once agin thanks to Chris! One word about Little Rock and its people: awesome! Hauler

Preservation Pub fan comments!

Saturday 6/18/11 Wrangler Space played Preservation Pub in Knoxville and we received a very enthusiastic reception from the good people of Knoxville. It was a blast and a good time was had by all including the band. Special thanks to Bernadette (PP) and Mark Midyett for hooking this up. Hope we can return some time in the near future.

We received an insightful critique from old friend and fan of the band, aspiring author David Drews, that I wanted to share with ya'll because he articulates what my feelings are about what we are trying to do. Here is part of what he wrote about the show and Wrangler Space as a band: "We have seen Widespread Panic 5 or so times live and they have never disappointed and You guys (Wrangler Space) did them complete justice. Wrangler Space doesn't do impersonations of WSP, they play tributes to them instead, infusing a little soul with each lick, chord and beat"!

Thanks David for your insight, this is what I hope to put across to our audience. We ain't Panic, don't want to be. We just want to capture some of the magic that is the music and the scene! Hauler

Wrangler Space Heats Up!

This years has seen an increase in interest in Wrangler Space as evidenced by the number of Private parties we have been asked to play. Recently we played the 50th birthday bash for our good buddy Tom Woodard at the Limelight in Nashville. Friday 4/29/11 we play the Spring Party "Woodstock" at the Sigma Nu House in Oxford, MS. June 18 we look forward to playing the 40th bash for Mark Midyett at Preservation Pub in Knoxville (open to the Public). In between Parties we have done a couple of club dates in Memphis (Newbys) and Nashville (5 Spot). The thing all these have in common is the fun factor has been up there. The great thing about the music is folks understand t when they hear the tunes its time to loosen up and have a good time, maybe have a drink, maybe dance and hoot and holler. This is as it should be and here's hoping it continues. Thanks to you who have supported us so far! Hauler

Wrangler Space inside Reaction

My reaction to Saturdays show at Newbys in Memphis is positive! The audience enjoyed themselves and we received admiring comments from the audience. It is so nice to be performing songs that create an atmosphere where dancing is the norm ( thank you JB/Panic). Memphis is a genuine town that loves music and is to busy to worry about it. I always appreciate when the ones with the hula hoops come out. Boy the songs are fun (darkly so) and it adds texture to our lives. See you soon! Hauler