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What's next?

Mr. J just re-leased his a capella album so DJs and such could do remixes. Might reinvest some practice time into covering the bass line for "The Sailor."

Luminaria next month. STILL working on those new songs. If you don't challenge yourself in expression through whichever media you choose, what is the point? To solely hear yourself or see a final product manifested by your efforts? I say "solely" because we all enjoy being able to look back and see what we've accomplished, but what does your art contribute to the lives of others?

Local Music Week

We still have two more days, tonight and tomorrow. I haven't been out much other than to hit up the Local782 Mixer last night, giving me an opportunity to check out Ledaswan and Greg G, but I'm certain it's been going well and better than the previous years. Saturday, we will be half-playing for the Easter Bunny crowd. Heh.

Luminaria again

Seems like things have caught up with me, you know, when all of those little projects that you have going on finally have a due date and the due date for everything is all around the same time. I guess it's called "getting it together," but it's about time that I did.

I'll have a few new/rarely played songs to release at Luminaria this year and hopefully I can get a new EP out by next January. There's a lot of work to be done and it's really hard to do with a cat on your lap.

The New Liberty Bar. Love it.

Thank you Oscar Trejo and staff for allowing me to break in the new Liberty Bar location to live music (first!). The place looks great and the Puntas Norteñas was delicious.

The acoustics in each of the rooms accommodates solo singer/songwriters really well with no need for amplification. I was invited to play on the first floor, with the choice of room, before the party I was booked for in a separate room on the second. Both sets went well and the people were nice. Who would have know the party was for Ms. Nicolette Good's roommate? :)

Books & Pastels

The "Books & Pastels," with a metaphoric, almost contradictory, sampling from the chorus of "Lovefool," track is a catchy retaliation against the "Crooks & Castles" movement sparked by the t-shirt exploiting Malcom X's not-so-peaceful and pre-Mecca pilgrimage statement "by any means necessary." Funny that Portuguese/Scottish-American Mr. J. Medeiros is so concerned with blaxploitation; then again, he is the creator of the anti-human trafficking track "Constance" which was inspired by a story about a woman who was raped by her father during her childhood, thereby branding himself as a "conscious rapper" or, perhaps preferably, a genuinely concerned citizen. Mr. J. will tell you that he’s all about principles and less about profit, not that he was too thrilled when he found out how many times his songs had been illegally downloaded. But even so, he solidified his commitment to his “Books & Pastels” statement by collaborating with French independent clothing company LaFamille on limited-edition, individually screen-pressed t-shirts that feature school children sporting bandito bandanas and pretty pink cursive script. The former Procussions member is currently DIY'ing in his own efforts and recording a new album in Colorado Springs, a project which is "2.5 years in the making. ha." Stro, the 89th Key, and Luke are alongside him in his task, documented in weekly video blog updates that can be found on Mr. J’s website and YouTube. http://mrjmedeiros.bandcamp.com/track/books-and-pastels

Aesop: Fables in Song

The album is done and pressed! Looks aweeeeerrrrrrrrsommmmmmeeeeee!

Forget that!

Time for new tunes for y'all, eh? I'm going to step up my writing game.

Stuff is getting done...finally

The Bramble E.P. is done, tracked live by Edwin J. Stevens while I was still sick. Ha. "Esperanza," my single for Lithium Wave music, is in the works as well as the Aesop's Fables demo for Seven Sparrow Productions. I hope Danny Patino, DJ Qwes1, and Alexis Anthony (very distant relation?) still was me to record for them. I might do a podcast with Cousin Kit as well.

Thank my Lord for summer work.

Cousin Kit & his various projects
Cousin Kit & his various projects  (almost 7 years ago)

One week until deadline!!