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Glitch in the Matrix 3

Its freeing to be your self cause there is no one else like you. there is no possible way to fail at being you ; however there is only the possibility to fail at trying to be someone else! Me I would rather "fail" at an attempt to be My original self then to be a major success at being a carbon copy! Be true to You cause the universe craves you. Don't be a glitch in the matrix ;)


Sexy is not only for boyz sexy is glorified on mere children's toys stop with the nonsense stop with the ploys cause sexy is not only for boyz ~Mizz Viper Barz~

Brain is Loading ......

feels like my brain is loading, constantly overflowing, with love and knowledge,cant stop all this nonsense. veins are eroding, from over use of the mother board, cause this chip keeps uploading. guess me getting no sleep tonight is a sure thing! ....


well closing thought of the night! ..... If you want something bad enough than it is possible or even if its not possible to achieve , atleast you have reached the place of satisfaction knowning you had the intestinal fortitude to Dream! ...

ladies Have swag too!

ladies have swag too ... not just the men ... we can walk and carry ourselves with great pose,an capture a mans heart with our eloquence ... why cant we brag about it??? ... IM WORKING ON A TRACK 4 THAT!!

my first outing

ill make sure to keep everyone posted on my page about where and when my shows will be !!!