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Romney/Ryan Ticket

So it's done. R Money has chosen his running mate and it is (drumroll please!) P Riddy! Yep, Paul Ryan from Wisconsin. If there's anybody who know a thing or two about cheese it's Wisconsin and R Money. To be honest I believe in the American Dream. But for some of us it's just that- a Dream. And I also love to see people rise above poverty and "make it" in life. But it doesn't take a genius or an economists to see that the proposals and pieces of legislations that have been laid out by conservatives are Reaganomics 102. I remember the Reagan years: govt' cheese; green stamps; the Cold War; Richard Dawson. It's the same trickle down economics they've been preaching for years. Meanwhile, the rich has gotten richer and the middle class has gotten poorer. They are now known as "the working poor". As if poor people never worked. All we do is sit around and collect welfare and food stamps, right? Spoken like a true Newt supporter. Now I'm not gonna tell you all of P Riddy's credentials and give you his background blahzay blah. That's not my style. You have to do your homework. I am a very opinionated person and what I'm here to do is give you my opinion because I damn sho aint asking for one. Have President Barack Obama been The Savior that conservative media dubbed him as (sarcastically)? No. But let's not forget that Republicans vowed from day one that their main agenda was to make Big Chief a one term president. So while we've been struggling from check to check; getting rid of our home phones and cable packages; dreading another trip to the food bank because we have no more money in the bank. These fat cats have been playing politics just to further discourage us so that when the time came- which is this November- they could say " what have Obama and the Dems done for you lately?" What the Hell have you done for us GOP? Try as hard as you can to block every piece of legislation that Democrats have brought to the table rather the proposals were or would have been effective or not. While at the same time offering no reasonable solutions or bipartisan legislation yourselves. The only time conservatives on the Hill have participated, I say that because they do not compromise, is when their backs were against the wall and they had to act. Remember the debt ceiling crisis? Which resulted in the drop of the USA's credit score. The attempt to block the student loan relief before they said "well we don't want to look like some tightwads who only believe in the well to do to be able to afford higher education.They offered no suggestions in the Healthcare debate. They said "we'll give you our input". And at the last minute, "well...maybe not. Let's just wait to after the mid-term elections". The pulling out of Iraq; the build up in Afghanistan; the presidents proposal to curb outsourcing (which costs Americans jobs); the presidents legislation on regulating Wall Street, credit card companies, unfair bank practices, you name it! It's been block, block, block. No, no, no, Hell no! So congratulations P Riddy and R Money, I mean, Mitt Romney and Paul Wall (just kidding) Paul Ryan. The GOP finally have a presidential ticket they can all rally behind. It's a ticket I won't be buying. And If the majority of Americans have seen this show before, fortunately they won't be buying any either.

Politics and Bullsh!t 8/17/10

I-ight nye. Politics and Bullsh!t is the Official name and possibly the future URL of my Blog. Yet again, I'd probably use some Blog site that publishes other peoples' blogs to get my blog and thoughts to the masses. If you're familiar with my Reverb page than you probably know a little about me so far. But there's more to Jamma Lex than music. Yes, I like to politic and bullsh!t. About what you ask? Politics and bullsh!t. C'mon, keep up nye.

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