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Butterfly Feeling

I want to "Thank" Alexis Pond for the great work she did on re-recording my song "Butterfly Feeling" She took the song and told me, this is not how the song should be, it needs more Country feeling to it. Today...I am very happy to say, not only did Alexis have the song re-produced to how she felt it should be, she also gave it tons of emotion and feeling that a song like this needed. This is going to become a # 1 hit in Country music everywhere, for years to come. Thank you Alexis.

Music Charts Magazine

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Music Charts Magazine

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Under The Mistletoe

Hello everyone, Check out my newest Christmas song "Under The Mistletoe" recorded by Alexis Pond, which you can purchase and enjoy while you're under the mistletoe. Alexis did an amazing job recording this song in such a short time, and we are delighted to say that we will be working together on some other songs, right after the new year. Alexis is a very talented Country Artist out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Her management team is booking her and her band all over Ft. Lauderdale, so if you are in that area, please check her out live, you won't be sorry you did. You can also check her out here on www.reverbnation.com/alexiserin Thank you and Merry Christmas to all...Jim


Hello everyone, I guess it's good to say, I didn't make the top 5 nominee's in the Grammy's, song of the year, but I did make the top 100, with my song "Ten Million Tears" recorded by Christian St. James. Christian is also coming out with a new album that will feature "Ten Million Tears as the # 1 single, and another song I wrote that he produced titled "The Un-Forgiven" This should be a great hit from what I've already heard about it. Next year will be different with another couple new releases, as I'm working with some great artists on new songs, as in Alexis, who is recording a Christmas song I wrote, it should be available soon, as this young girl with powerful vocals and awesome talent is putting the finishing touches on the song. And I'm working with a great producer that was Janet Jacksons drummer, the great Leander Tate. Seems he and his wife Lora, love my writing style so much that we are now going to be collaborating together. Leander is working on a production for my song "Turnin' On The Heat" which Christian helped produce, and Davis Fountain will be recording. This song is in the Techno/Dance genre, and will be produced into a club mix which is 7 minutes, and a single release which is around 4 minutes. So, needless to say, next years grammy's will be better for me and the artists. This New Year coming looks to be a great one with many new releases, of all styles and genres. Stay tuned and "Thank you" .....Jim

Ten Million Tears

"Ten Million Tears" I remember the day I sat down and wrote this song. I was watching TV and a commercial came on about the genocides and atrocities that were taking place over in Africa. I watched as I saw people crying, dying and running for their lives. Innocent people like you and me. The one thing that seperated us was an ocean and the freedom to live free. I had tears in my eyes. I got up off of my chair put a peice of paper in front of me and wrote this song. "Ten Million Tears." I wanted the whole WORLD to hear what I was saying, and I felt like a voice for those people over there. The world has changed a lot since then, and now not only are there genocides and atrocities over in Africa, but in other places of the World such as Syria. I wanted this song "Ten Million Tears" to be heard more. That's when I met an artist "Christian St. James." He took this song to another dimension and recorded it with such great feeling that it was now ready for the world to hear it. This song is now being considered for the 55th Grammy Awards. By voting for it, you are letting your voice for these innocent people around the World be HEARD. I know they will hear you. Please listen to this song here at www.reverbnation.com/jimrichardsonsmusic and consider it. "Let your voice be heard" Thank you........Jim

Ten Million Tears

My song, recorded by Christian St. James, "Ten Million Tears" broke into the Cashbox Magazines Easy Listening Charts this week at # 27. That is awesome news. That also means the music video should get a shot on their music video charts. Stop by and check them out today, also listen to "Butterfly Feeling" which is at # 10 on the Top 40 Music Review Country Charts. Thank you.

Charted Song

Good morning everyone, Great news today. Last night we found out that my song "Ten Million Tears" that was recorded by the great Christian St. James will be breaking into the Cashbox Magazine Charts this week anywhere from 25-30. The music video will also be breaking into the charts, because of all the requests and airplay it has been receiving. Thank you to Christian, Billy, John, and all you great fans. And a special "Thank You" to Dreamcatchers For Abused Children for becoming a sponsor of this great song and music video. That's 2 charted songs, and 1 charted music video. WOW.