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GODDAMN ZOMBIE update 07/21/12...

HELL - o to everyone.....its been probably a year since we lasted posted a new entry here...but WTF...we've been busy. With what, you ask??? Well, a year ago we went from a 3 piece to a solid 2 person GDZ....with initial disappointment but eventual gladness.....We are able to bring soooo much more of ourselves to you, believe me. Sooo..we played a few area shows late last year, and capped off our "un-success Tour" with a little old trip to Peach Tree City, Atlanta for the Days of the Dead convention, where we played an area venure opening for First jason. We met some good old folk down there, a few actually hung with us, a few bought the CD's and pictures, and genuinely dug us.....Following the convention we came home and started writing for the new cd...yeah, thats right, a NEW friggin CD....So far its been a wild trip in wiriting for studio adventure #2....what do we call it?, what will it sound like?...when will it come out?...will we live long enough to see its release? These are all good questions....but alas, I have but a few answers.....we are planning on an Oct 20, 2012 release to coincide with our Fallout Shelter/ (Aliquippa, PA) appearance....hope this makes you all happy.....We have noticed that in sharp contrast to the 1 1/2 years of ignorance and disgust the world has shown us,,,,,,many of you are starting to dig into your wallets and buy merchandise, old cd's and even preorder the new cd...this makes us..well....less likely to victimize you when we see you at our shows.....so what will the new songs be like on the new cd???? Well, expect the unexpected...itll be like being savagely voilated by your perverted cousin at a square dance during mating season in the deep south...hahaha...but seriously, it will be everything you expect AND would never dream of.....but you WILL love it!!!!!! We will keep you posted on upcoming interviews and special merchandise that will be made available at upcoming shows.....unitl then...buy HANDBOOK FOR THE RECENTLY DISEASED and suck on our CD's.................-Zombi Astral

Lineup Situation

Greetings. This is just a bit of a notice that we are undergoing a minor lineup malfunction. Chris, our lead guitarist, will not be performing with us at any of our upcoming appearances in the foreseeable future. This was his decision, and not the rest of GDZ. As a result, we have removed his name from our lineup listings. He's still in the band... we think? Zombi and I are continuing recording for the upcoming 3-way split CD with "Will Bozarth" and "Kennyboy!". More details on that as they emerge.

G'day, Will

GODDAMN ZOMBIE test tube (part 2) 04/15/11

OK, so I skipped our last appearance at this venue from Jan 2011, with good reason....it sucked, had no stage, lights or anything....so onward we go to current show....

So we opened the show, stage featured all the usual suspects: tombstones, blood, dolls, brains, smoke, lights, strobes, and did I mention blood...haha. Chris donned his scarecrow persona, Will re-assumed his zombie priest manifestation, and me...well, I was Zombi.

The Crowd consisted of other bands and many others that paid to get in, probably 50 people, assembled not knowing they were about to bear witness to the reanimation of GODDAMN ZOMBIE....


Man with a harmonica

Human Reflections

Be good or beheaded

Hurrah huzzah

Join us

Feed us the fetus

It's just meat

We hadnt practiced since our last show which was in Philly... but we brought the hurt down on the crowd just the same.... New additions??? The GDZ cross with the pregnant girl crucified, just waiting for the abortionator to do its grizzly job.... I did lots of slipping on the mirror'd tarp since there were "guts" everywhere by the 3rd song......many were shocked... many enjoyed, many clapped... and after the smoke cleared, the "normal" bands proceeded to make the best of what we had left for them.. The crowds minds were numb and half eaten, the stage was a graveyard wasteland....and best of all we had destroyed. So to my GDZ brothers, Chris and Will, I say....Another Job Well Done!!!! HAHAHA

03/15/11 Whisky Tango, Philadelphia

Goddamn show number four.

Probably the weirdest show we played so far. Here's the recap for those that missed it all!!!

We arrived about 1 1/2 hours early, loaded in, a zombified character kept walking by us in the dark club, we said hello, he grunted....what a fuckin tool.

So we took to the stage at around 8ish....much to my dismay, I had forgotten a few back line banners, oh well. Chris forgot his chef costume....and Will forgot...uh...Im sure there was something...haha

We opened with the intro music, which we rarely have time to use as our sets have been shorter lately. Played all the hits...

I planned to give birth to a bloody fetus which i would then eat..the problem....the little shit didnt wanna come out of my stomach...i stabbed and stabbed....damn it.

Chris played like a madman,,,minor equipment failure that we overcame...The sound was unlike we ever experienced...wasnt very loud, but a little hard to hear the backing tracks, we werent sure what we sounded like...

The crowd bordered on LAME St. and Indifferent Blvd...but GDZ does what we do NO MATTER WHAT!!! Just havent found our audience yet....haha

The setlist was as follows:

intro zombie ritual flesh party hurrah huzzah feed us the fetus the ghoul holiday farewell join us killing time be good...or beheaded handbook for the recently diseased human reflections its just meat

guitar solo's were stellar, youd swear the PA was playing the CD note for note....everything was great, until baby doll went crashing to the floor and legs went flying in either direction across the stage...she broke....too damn bad for her, huh? //// at some point i ran across the stage and threw myself to the floor, WTF was I thinking??? Guess I wanted a little fun......sold NO Cd's....people dont appreciate creativity I guess..or its not COOL to have a good time at a show anymore.....fuck THAT!!!!

I salute Will and Chris as they played like Charlie Manson's bastard step children on crack...and they put up with my stage antics....And be warned, we WILL find that perfect audience that appreciates our crazy asses..... Oh, and come see us on tour in May 2011 in MASS, NY, and DE...... WE DARE YOU!!!!

its so much GODDAMN fun.... and its only the BEGINNING!@#$

Sweet dreams of fleshly delights...


January 29th / The Test Tube (Deptford, NJ)

Ok....damnit, show #3 for GODDAMAN ZOMBIE....where does that find us....

It was a dark and cold night, we loaded in early. Thankfully the drive was minimal (10 minutes, ha). We assembled the stage in about 30 minutes, with a brand new smaller banner designed for places like this where the entire "curtain of blood" would never fit. The crowd shuffled in, not having ANY idea what to expect from us. WE KNEW WHAT WE WERE ABOUT TO DO TO THESE PEOPLES MINDS AND WE LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. We played for a decent crowd, pretty much most of our 1st cd and a few select covers by Pentagram and Death, both of which were zombie themed.

A few minor sequencing issues began our set. The band was in fine form, I remember there was no stage, as the venue was recently opened. So, we played on the floor. I was particularly violent that night and suffered many casualties in my performance rantings, including the following: - pregnant blow up doll (she had more than 3 holes by that point) - Walking stick #1 (my favorite one) - Walking stick / baby whacking stick - Microphone clip (WTF???) - My stage coat was missing buttons(again i ask-WTF?)

and to add to the madness, I was told after the show that a teenage girl covered her eyes and ran to the bathroom when I was beating up the baby doll and had it hanging from a mini gallow by a rope.....hmmm.....well, for me that was the highlight of the night to know that we caused such a stong reaction.

The music? We played well, as we always seem to...we were victims to some sound issues with mixing not what it should've been. As of this writing, we have a scheduled re-appearence at the Test Tube on April 15th, 2011. Lots of new surprises planned...Lets see where that takes us....

come along for the ride....you know you like the abuse!!!


The Goddamn story of GDZ (part one).....

Mojo 13 - GDZ show #2 01/23/11 by Zombi Astral on Monday, January 24, 2011 at 9:48am

Ok, so Goddamn Zombie has been a "real" entity for the past 7 or so months...well, before that it was basically alot of ideas that were just ideas....Now they are brought to life! In the interest of wanting to remember events associated with the GODDAMN band, I am writing periodic notes in an effort to document shows as they occurred.

We released our debut CD, "Handbook for the Recently Diseased" on Oct 31 at our debut show.

Mojo 13.....This is our second show, yep, our first was at Savage Rock School on Halloween, 2010. We played for a few people, one of which was a celebrity, Gary Streiner, an original investor and zombie in the black and white flick, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. We shocked the hell out of people with our stage show and polished metal sound that still managed to retain some of that grit that makes metal enjoyable. I personally treated the attendees to a session where I ate frozen brains, decapitated a baby doll, coughed up blood, seizured on the floor and in the crown, and simulated an abortion on a blow up doll....hows that for a GODDAMN start?!? Following that, we took about 2 months to clear our heads, to see if we really did what we thought we had done....and alas, after viewing the video tape of the show, it confirmed out suspicions that we were 3 greatly troubled gentlemen on the same path of destruction.

Somewhere in between show 1 and 2, we released "It's Alive" a live cd documenting the madness of the first show. Why did we release this??? Well, I wanted to because a) we sounded so damn good and I wasn't sure we'd ever sound that good again, b) the recording came out so well, c) I wanted to document our 1st chapter as a band, and d) because it's always cool to have a "Live" (or in our case "undead" CD to sell to people)......Following this, we had only a few practices to get ready for the second show, and I know I wasn't alone in wondering if we could be as good the second time. Doubt festered in our minds like a Twinkie festers in a fat ladies stomach as it mixes with Pork Rinds and cheeseburgers)

Back to current times.....Mojo 13 was bizarre for us....the crowd was looking for straight ahead METAL...and must have felt like they walked into a drug induced coma of all reason and sanity.....Chris returned as the chef (after toying with idea of creating a new character) and cooked us up some grizzly leads on his flesh-powered guitar......Will was the ever present "mad scientist" controlling the programmed tracks, playing some infected guitar, and growling as if he had rabies and mad cow disease.....I destroyed our inflatable "pregnant girl" during the set, almost passed out (almost doesn't count) and screamed and growled my way through our entire catalog of songs (which included Penatagrams "The Ghoul" and Death's "Zombie Ritual" , both included for the first time in our set). The night was long, many jaws dropped, and we treated a little corner of Delaware to the BEST DAMN SHOW they are likely to EVER see!!!!

So....with that.....let me introduce you to GODDAMN ZOMBIE......we are HERE, we are angry, and WE ARE HUNGRY!!!!!!!

We are planning more shows and working on more songs....we won't stop until we are dead (again)!!!!!