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sticky tuesday

still coming to terms with the lack of lazing about for half term.... although there was little lazing really - two stunning gigs in London on Friday 14th with the A band and the shit hot Rockhausen himself - Man From Uranus... followed by a spangled bladder at The 12 Bar Club with the most divine Carol & Cheryl for FFR UK with residents The Duel. This interspersed with iconic practices with cracking new line up with Spaghetti Ligger on drums - many many drums - huge sounds and ringing from all dimension and the fulsome, deep heat of CJ on bass. Wonderful times for a Year of the Horse. a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7F37MM3i_A

Next giggage to be had from anarchistwood includes a trip up to Nottingham for the Heartlink Charity event on 22nd March, a return to our favourite Essex gaff The Asylum to have a wiggle with The Vibrators and many more bands on an all day punkfesti again on 12th April. After that we are back to London on 25th April for a sojourn with 1000 Scars and Wrapped in Plastic in - yes that grubby home from home The 12 Bar and then a trip to the seaside for The Cheap as Chips Punk Festival in Skegness.... see you in the ether or in the flesh - but just turn it up. The volume knob is King! funkcutter x http://punkvert.tv

Erreth Sondabeng's Apocalypse Eve Party

Thursday 20th December 2012 7pm - midnight Sebright Arms 31-35 Coate Street London E2 9AG 020 7729 0937 mail@sebrightarms.co.uk

Subterfuge cabaret and punkvert present for your savage amusement, their only event of the year - Erreth Sondabeng's *Apocalypse Eve Party.

Well, if the conspiracy buffs are correct, their final event ever. Just in case it is, come and join us for a blast of punked up party squalor and prepare for our glorious demise.

Hoping for a safe bunker in the basement of The Sebright Arms, our evenings entertainers will attempt to caste out the demons of negativity and prepare for the b'ak'tun shakedown with unadulterated rock n' roll, bleeps to keep away the illuminati, graffiti inspired ritualistic workings and audiovisual messages of a survivalist nature.

This is how the world ends, not with a whimper...but with a BANG!

Participating conspiracists (in no particular order)...

Handsum Pete - solo beatbox noise and screams professionally distorted for your convienince

Grassy Noel and APE- improvised, head on collsion music for the soul http://apeimprov.wordpress.com/

Crash Paris - 4 piece mish mash of riot screams and distorted dreams, erratic songs that will have you both crying and dancing at the same time. http://crashparis.tumblr.com/

anarchistwood - fuzz, drums and shouts at the devil http://punkvert.tv/

RammHellZee - he who hops the biggest, knows the sequel to revelations http://www.alexismilne.com/bio.html

Doors 7pm; It all ends at midnight. Rapture Tax £5


spring into action

so many things going on as of the 1st March... until Leap Day 2012 the wood had no gigs apart from one in Islington on 24th March for Vis the Spoon - it was gonna be a goodie but in got cancelled as the council were shutting the Zenith Bar down due to noise issues... only for three weeks or so they said, but Spoon rightly said this was cutting it too fine... On March 1st our tables turned with gigs looking up - instead of Islington, anarchistwood are now supporting the Pork Dukes for Polite Riot at the New Cross Inn with Terminal Decline and Snide. 10th April - The Old Queen's Head, Brixton, 5th May - Bristol, 19th May - Birmingham, 17th June - Camden with wood favourites Wonk Unit at their matinee show - Cement You Cunt. Offers of more gigs in Sicily and Plymouth have been mentioned too and so this wood better get it's chopper up and slice up some meaty piles of PRANK ROCK for all of the fuzz-engaged out there.... check out updates on http://punkvert.tv

Subterfuge Special - Acid Panda Birthday Bumps!

So 2011 is almost upon us and some gloomy January post party may give a Cameron Style Difficult Year Ahead.... (who?) Well, we are not to be dampened by such messages and so are planning a fabulous party at the end of January in our usual Imbolc slot at Inn on the Green. This year we are also celebrating our anarchistwood Acid Panda drummer chick who will be a great old age at midnight at this event and we want you all to come wish her well with us....

performing on the night are...

Inferno meandering and sometimes distorted sometimes pentatonic and sometimes a-tonal avant-garde-ish improvisation that is Billy Smith (electric violin) Jo-Anne Cox (electric cello) and Jan Maat on double bass. http://promotion.noidgallery.net/drupal/

Suburban Mousewife "Perhaps it’s still too early in the day to be making trite comparisons or clichéd summaries, but the longer said day goes on the more frontwoman Terry T reminds one of Siouxsie Sioux (that is, a Siouxsie Sioux constantly on the edge of ripping out a bitchin’ tambourine solo). As for the clichéd summary bit, er… if punk rock bothered to clean itself up every once in a while it might sound a bit like Suburban Mousewife?" Richard Ruston http://thegirlsare.wordpress.com/2010/07/20/review-suburban-mousewife/

The Electric Puffs Tramp Rock from BEPPE-VOCALS/GUITAR, JEFF-BASS & SIMONE-DRUMS.... or so they say! http://www.reverbnation.com/theelectricpuffs

anarchistwood write music of an unsavoury nature. None of what they say is true. All of it is permitted. Please wear your Julian Assange crown during their performance on the night to herald the 'Saviour of the Free World' http://punkvert.tv/anarchistwood

Dirty Honky here to make you laugh. to amuse you. he's a clown.

Alex Cawkwellian & Bonnie Baker are our celebrity Door Whores on the night - ready to meat and beat you as you drift into this happening scene....

some DJs and some punkvert visuals will also wend their way to you throughout the night which is at....

Inn on the Green 3-5 Thorpe Close under the WestWay London W10 5XL

starting at around 7pm on 28th January 2011 and ending when you stop propping up the bar (around 1am ish) and all for £4

see you there!


free download

hay hay - yes it's a bit of an oldie - but we listened to it last night and very much enjoyed it... here's anarchistwood from 2009 with Don't Bullshit the Artist....


pax vobiscum

Kunt and the Gang Supported by Anarchistwood, The Dissociates and Joy Rides

KUNT & THE GANG + THE DISSOCIATES + ANARCHISTWOOD + JOY-RIDES Start Time: Friday, 16 July 2010 at 19:30 End Time: Saturday, 17 July 2010 at 02:00 Location: The Cross Kings Street: 126 York Way, King's Cross. N1 0AX Town/City: London, United Kingdom View map Description £5 / £4 to group members (see the link below)

KUNT AND THE GANG Now on album number FIVE and fast becoming a legendary cult super-hero, this one man, one puppet act juxtapose hilarious schoolboy knob-gag lyrics with a musical backing that's part nursery-rhyme, part Euro disco. It's filth and it should be rubbish, but it's genius.

"Imagine Momus crossed with Depeche Mode, Benny Hill, Ronnie Barker and Roy Chubby Brown and you're somewhere on the way to the schoolboyish toilet humour and onanism-transfixed filth that drives this whole venture on." SOUNDS XP

"The sexiest band of all time... or just some gimp with his knob out ?" TEXTUAL MOLESTER http://www.myspace.com/kuntandthegang

ANARCHISTWOOD Prankrock...Agents of Thee Great Cosmic Joker and damn proud of it. Closely affiliated to the Ancient Order of Maelific Jesters, the Black and Blue Crayola Sect and Mother Iggy and her Sacred Hole. The most outlandish, rude, burlesque rock'n'roll we've witnessed in a long time. http://www.myspace.com/didtheypayyoutosleepwiththosepolarbears

JOY RIDES "Pretentious art faggots."

"Awesome band, the most punk thing I've been into for a while. Joy-Rides do not play punk music, though. Indeed, they do not play music. They use noises, loud instruments, in a weird and difficult to describe mixture. Melody is a word they have to learn yet, but energy is not. Definitely a band that will completely polarise opinion and their live shows are shambolic brilliance. The uninitiated look on in awe or disgust. Never indifference."

"They know they're never going to sell out Wembley: they just want to have fun and entertain." http://www.myspace.com/joyrides

JOIN the group for cheaper admission : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=52122316630 Don't just click "attending" - go to the group and click JOIN !