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Sad News Today

i have some sad news to convey to everyone..... at work the other day we had an accident involving a mower.... Roxanne Johnson cut the tip of her finger off.... they were able to salvage the bone, but the flesh was to mangled to save... she went in for surgery yesterday and they placed the tip of her ring finger inside her thumb muscle to try to graft new skin on the area.... she is going to be in a cast for at least three weeks in hopes that this will give her some use of the finger tip... they know that she is a drummer and guitar player, and they are doing their best to make it so she can still play.... if this doesn't work, they are talking about a pig skin/stem cell procedure, but that is only if this procedure fails.. please have her in your thoughts.... and hope that she regains the use of her finger.... thanks to all of you for any positive energy.....

2012 Coming to an End!

As 2012 in coming to an end we want to take a moment and thank everyone that supported us this year. Without that support we would not have been able to accomplish what we have this year. This has been the biggest and best year so far in the Skull'Rz Bane Camp since this all started in 2005. We finally completed an album this year. And not only one but two. First debuting before our 2012 East Coast Tour, we debuted Skull'Rz Bane: 2012 at the Brickhouse in our hometown of Youngstown, Ohio before heading out on the road to Pittsburgh and subsequently the East Coast. We also went on a second tour this year in July back up to the Massachusetts area where we have a ever growing home away from home. We played a few local shows here and there once we got back, but at that point most of our energy was put into this years 5th Annual ROXfEST once again being held at Buffalo Hollow. With over 30 bands on 2 stages in 2 days, you can bet we put alot of time and energy into ROXfEST for a good portion of the year as well. All the work def paid off. With the help of the Skull'Rz Bane Family and Staff as well as the ROXfEST Family and Staff we put on the best ROXfEST yet, with a little help from Mother Nature with the best weather anyone could ask for this summer. Moving into September we performed as part of the Ballyhoo Music Festival in Austintown, Ohio. raising awareness for cancer. As a result we ended up with our second album of the year: Skull'Rz Bane LIVE at Ballyhoo 2012. A pretty big feat, releasing 2 albums in one year after going 7 years off of one demo that was not even representative of the current lineup. So after 2 tours this year, a bunch of great shows and parties, supporting some great benefits and having some of the best friends, family, and fans a band could have, We want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been apart of making our dreams come true this year. And hopefully we have lived up to your expectations and continue to bring you awesome music and awesome times for years to come. Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year. Get in touch if you would like an invitation to our New Years Eve Party in Y-town this year and look out for some great things in 2013 if the world doesn't end that is.