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Does anyone still go to the movies?

Let me just start by saying I have a wonderful fiance' . We are both "thrifty" to put it mildly.She seldom asks for much so when she wanted to see the new Spielberg movie "WARHORSE", I thought . "well it is a war picture" so we'll go. Now my baby loves her some horses. She loves all critters and there a bunch of them here on our little farm.But I thought surely with a name like WARHORSE it wont be a love story. Spoiler alert here. ..IT IS NOT a love story!! Actually , it's not really much of anything but LOOOONG!! Ok maybe that's just too harsh. The graphics were OK but not anything like STAR WARS . I guess with the kid friendly rating , the guts and gore was left to the imagination. The plot is different but so totally unbelievable. After being around real horses for all this time, I can respect what a task it must have been to get a horse to do what you ask it on cue. These are wonderful creatures but they do tend to do just what they want to do. If you happen to have the same idea, so be it. So I am sure there were many takes of these scenes to get the animals to do what was asked of them and I give credit where credit is due. All in all it was a OK movie but no Oscar winners in this piece. What was Memorable however was the theater. I'm sure nowadays with the Red box, Block Buster, Netflix , and whatever else is available for our movie watching convenience that the big theaters have taken a hit. Admittedly, the fiance' and I only go out to one or two movies a year or so it seems so I may be a little out of touch with things. First off, we go to the matinee' . It was Sunday after lunch, on a cold day. Seemed like a good way to spend some quality time together. We step up to the box, $4.00 apiece for the cheap seats? What happened to $1.50 matinee'? Isn't that why we came early? Wow, the regular seats were over $6.00. OK we can splurge a little. We go in and the smell of hot popcorn fills the lobby. I LOVES me some popcorn. I figure its only once a year , what the heck, a $4 dollar a bag popcorn and a $3 drink will tide me over till suppertime. WRONG!! We step up to the snack-bar and BAMM!! $5.10 for a bottle of water. A BOTTLE not a CASE!! $7 bucks for a soda , WRONG !! But most outrageous, $19.00 for a plastic tub of popcorn!! Nineteen FREAKING US DOLLARS!!! Of course if I bring the tub back, they will refill t for something like $3.50. HELLO, I only go once a year!! How do families take kids out to the movies? It would cost a hundred bucks to take a family out at these prices, verses $8 a month for Netflix. I am all for free enterprise. I believe that if someone goes into business, takes a gamble on making a go of it, works hard and provides good quality goods and service, that they are entitled to make a living. But HOLY COW , Not off me all at once!! I have a hard time wrenching $5 bucks out of the hands of patrons that are listening to me play and sing just to own one of my cd's . I worked hard for months and spent THOUSANDS of dollars on the project, not .40 cents worth of popcorn!! Somebody help me understand how a theater owner can sleep at night , charging these prices in this strained economy?//


WOW! What a Great Start to the new year! We had a excellent turn out of old friends and new peeps at THE LAST CALL Sat night. Even though the economy is still in ruff shape and I'm sure everyone is still strapped from Christmas, it seems that most folks are starting to get out and live a little again. 2011 was a hard year but now that we have cleared the hurdle,lets all make it a group effort to get out of the house and support live music. It makes all the hard work worth while to have a big crowd of people that are looking to have a good time. Let's all keep a positive attitude and make 2012 the best year possible. Hopefully some REAL "CHANGE" will happen this year if we all band together. Watts Left will be working on their new CD project in the coming months and will hopefully have a Release party somewhere around July. Please help spread the word and bring your friends to some shows. Research shows that individuals that mingle and social interact with others have a reduced level of stress and depression. So according to science, if you want to live longer,healthier, and happier, come out to a WATTS LEFT show and bring your friends . Or come make lots of new ones. All WATTHEADS are one big Happy Family. Come join our Southern Mafia!!! Thanks to each and everyone that came out and if anyone has a video of Joe Royals singing with us, please post it and send it to us here or Facebook. Of you can always send pics and video to..www.wattsleft.com. We would appreciate it . Show everyone you party with WATTS LEFT!!!!!

2011 - A Look Back On The Year

"Hi everyone!!" 2011 is coming to a close soon so I thought we should take a few moments to reflect on the past year and some of it's highlights. I'm sure many of you know myself and other members of the band personally. But for those of you who are in other countries or states we have not visited we are just the guys in the band.The ones that you have in your I pod, New Iphone, on your laptop or some of you still buy our Cd's and put them in the car changer or home stereo in the man cave (YES)!. Regardless of how you listen to us, we appreciate you listening and supporting Watts Left. For those that captured video on your phones at the shows, we hope you are sharing the footage with you friends and family. Send them to us as well @ www.wattsleft.com . I guess I should say a warm heartfelt thank you to the guys in the band. Gregg, Tony, McClearan, You guys are the best bunch of musicians anyone could ask for. Not just a band of gypsy players but friends,comrades,amigo's. The year 2011 was filled with ups and downs for everyone. The troubled economy has everyone's purse strings pulled tighter. Job security is a thing of the past. Many loved ones have come and gone.Some too early, some a blessing to see their journey end and another begin. Some things have grown stronger. Friendships that once were just phone calls @ Christmas are now closer. Families are doing more things together because the jobs are not keeping they parents away from the kids. Some attribute this to less crime in some of the more harder hit sections of the country where the jobless rates are the highest. When it comes down to what's really important, I think this says a lot. Family is the only thing that really matters. Toys and stuff will just accumulate and whats the "hot must have ,"item today will seem so silly years from now. Anyone still have a WALKMAN? As Christmas fades and a NEW YEAR dawns, think of your friends and family and be thankful for what we still have. Don't worry about the 401 that dropped like a rock, you still had your support group at home, where it should be. Have a safe New Year and a prosperous 2012. Remember,Don't drink and drive .We want to see you at many more of our shows.. Thank you again for your support and GOD Bless You All.. Wes Nance and WATTS LEFT

Nov 23rd At the White House Grille!!

Hey Everyone, Come on out Wed Nov.23rd to the First Annual , Pre-Thanksgiving, Lets Party Like Rock Stars 'Cause We Don't Have To Work Tomorrow Event @ The White House Bar and Grille . WATTS LEFT will be Rocking and rolling to all the best Classic rock Favorites you remember. If you have been to Johns, or Cripple Creek in the previous years, you know what a Party crowd comes from Badin Lake. The new "in place" to be is the White House. Bring your buds and your Dancing shoes!! Watts Left delivers Classic Rock with a Southern flair in what we call Southern Fried Classic Rock. Watts Left delivers a huge selection of songs you know with a few you forgot that you love! We'll have you singing and dancing and coming back for more.

Come on out, enjoy the show, sing along and have a beer. See you there!

Watts Left Members:

McClaren Stoker - Bass and Vocals Greg Savoie - Drums and hitting things with sticks Wes Nance - Guitar and Lead Vocals Tony DiBianca - Keyboards and Vocals Nick Cardillo - Guitar and Vocals

We are now accepting gigs throughout North and South Carolina.