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And so it begins...

Welcome to our world. We're Syph n Jes. Alternative Hip-hop artists out of Orlando, FL. What makes it "Alternative"? Our approach. Call us products of our environment, but the melting pot dashed with latin spice known as Orlando has been a major influence the music we create. Being fans of all types of music and rhythms, experimentation is our thing. Thinking outside the box and having fun go hand in hand. Learning is a constant. Our imagination the only variable. All this with one focus in mind......rock their socks off. A little over 10 years now we've been doing music. Came together in high school. Hit one of life's many forks in the road and we split ways for a few years. Jes' road was tending to a new family. Syph's road took him to the Marines. A few years removed, we reunited and began making music again. This time was different. This time, we made a commitment to make this our life. Music success or bust. The debut album, Blue Magic, is out now. That's right...10 years after getting together to do music, we finally dropped a debut album. Don't get me wrong, we dropped plenty of other projects in our lifetime, but never a duo album. It was best that way though. It felt like two glasses of aged fine wine toasting on tracks with the creativity, experience and love that life taught us. Truth be told, the best is yet to come. New things are on the horizon and we will mos def keep you posted. A heartfelt thank you to our fans, family, friends, lovers and haters. Without you, none of this is possible. Why the haters you ask? There is a cool Elvis story behind that one when you've got a minute. Love, Peace and Respect. God Bless. -Syph