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Battle of the Bands Trees Lounge Kauai

Trees Lounge was rocked hard by Kauai rockers. Fun was had by all but none rocked harder than Rumbletone who walked away with the crown and purse. The Kauai rock scene is alive and well and choked with awesome bands!

Battle of the Bands @ Trees Lounge

Get ready for Rumbletone @ 10:30 tonight @ Trees Lounge with Kauai's up and coming rocker's. Kapaia Stream Fools Die Jungle Punx Rock Candy Seventh Stone Skunkdog

In The Air

Rumbletone song featured on Skope Radio.

Tahiti Nui Saturday 9:00pm

C'mon and rock DaNui with Rumbletone!

Rumbletone welcomes you to Reverbnation

Aloha Friends and Music Fiends!

Check out our island and music, (You Will Never Be The Same) Rumbletone is amped to be part of Reverbnation.

Welcome to our world!