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The Seraph's Trance

On August 16, 2012, Intricate Collapse released its first and only CD for sale, an EP called The Seraph's Trance. The EP contains 4 songs and is approximately 23 minutes in length.

March 2012

Exciting things are in store for us come March! We should be making debut performances at both Black Sheep in Springfield, IL as well as The Brass Rail in Peoria, IL. Also, we will be beginning recording an EP with the guys at Blue Stream Records on March 10th.

Changes in time for the Holidays

Recently, we have gone through a transition. We've acquired two new members Caleb and Kylan, and with them, we have begun to develop a more progressive sound, influenced by bands like Rush, Dream Theater, and Between the Buried and Me. The future looks bright, and we hope to not only get back into the studio soon, but play shows spread more widely around the central Illinois region. Stay tuned!

Recording Dates!!! Internet Live Show!!!

We have recently booked a date to make some demo recordings for an EP, and on September 3rd, the four of us will be making a visit to BlueStream to begin recording. A professional-quality CD is possible to be completed sometime around the winter months. Also, on September 22nd, come out to Girard or visit southernfryedradio.com and hear us play!

New Bassist

Recently, we've had to let go of Tyler Jones because of his inability to attend practices and shows. However, not long afterwards, we discovered Devin Shrewsbury, who can not only play bass, but can play guitar as well! So watch out, metal, our triple-guitar attack will smite you!

Potential Vocalist Hunt - Screw it, Do it To it!

Yes, we decided to do the vocals ourselves. It'll be tough at first, but its a sacrifice we're willing to make to further our reach of shows we can play. We'll see you around locally soon, maybe in Jacksonville with Coward's Plea, at The Vine, Black SHeep, Pizza Machine, Nelson Center, we're gonna play at all of them.

Potential Vocalist Hunt - Nathan Shepherd

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jRTzZx9wX4 watch this video!

Starting up the VLOGs

Hopefully this works, but heres our first vlog, featuring sam rocking out on his kit! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bqbARAF05g

Our First Song

We have a song just about ready, but it has yet to be recorded. We are going to prepare our song "Hold Us Back" for the talent show in Rochester, IL at an event called "Sparks in the Park." This will be our our first real gig, so we're gonna rock their worlds and win!! But back to the recording of our song... It will most likely be recorded sometime soon after "Sparks in the Park." Then we'll finally have a song to post on our profile.

Our band name...

As of now our band name is definitely subject to change. We are tossing around ideas and should have a verdict as to what our new name will be in two weeks or so.