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Mind Over Matter (The Mixtape)


(Copy&Paste) This is my first mixtape so everybody peep it thanks for ure time!

"Lost Thoughts Vol.1" Entry Blog

Yo im hosting a project called "Lost Thoughts Vol.1" its got artist like Me(DaCruzer),Dr.ill aka Malpraktiz, Infkted,Mark Deez,WarCriminals,LordWillin,Savaar,ZayReal, Homicide,YoungBreeze,MackCapone,PrinttsA,WillieStarks,MOTU, YoungAse,Khaled M.,StoopKid,Jay Moses,and more. Also,im still takeing spots so if you have a dope track hit me up ill send you the email to send me the track. As soon as i recieve the track i will hit you back asap. Thanks for supporting real Hiphop! UNDERGROUND FOR LIFE!!!! -Da Cruzer-

Da Cruzer "The Kill It"
Da Cruzer "The Kill It"  (over 7 years ago)