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Step your game up

oppertunity for entertainers Thats serious about there carrer.For Telavision show(The Ind show) & Radio (F.A.N.S. Radio) exsposer.by 2016 artist ect. will have to give donation to be on our tv show and radio. so with that said .get off your high hourse . its free for unlimeted time . ps

how to get on #1 like our Fan pages #2 Opend a dropbox #3.Call us 916-710-9313 1st lady lisa #4. is after #3

(The ind show) airs every other tue @11pm pT video Mp4 only .ch18 comcast and at&t ch14 Local Online Accesssacramento.org or yungworkint.com the day of the show

(F.A.N.S. Radio)on every sat on Faces Of success Radio 101fm and Spreaker .

Thanks for your time


Yeah I know. Such a sharp title. Makes you think that I'm trying to get back @ those that turned against me at one point or another; But,no. I'm not. If you're looking at this smerking,than you're guilty (you know who you are). You didn't have any faith in what I was trying to produce. However, I'm still willing to network with you although you tryed to incriminate my character. Next time think about how you deal with certain situation and the person you're dealing with. Communication is everything. Anybody out thier that can feel me (w/ similar incidents) ,let me know how you feel. Thier is room for everyone on top. Even Michael Jordan has been replaced with new talent. He's still a Legend, But someone else is in the spot light.. Stay on your grind... YOUNG United New Game (Working to go INT'L)

Saint Speight
Saint Speight  (over 3 years ago)