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Today In The Lab

Yesterday's LAB sessions were great. Recorded Alaina Woods, a dynamic, powerful vocalist in Indianapolis IN. Working on projects for Simple Life Soul, www.simplelifesoul.com, Indianapolis IN. Joon Walker's project is coming along and is HOT! ABRI is off to college, however, we are still creating and looking forward to her back into the LAB soon. Renee King (writer) is back from a long vacation and went right to work last night penning a new song in less than an hour. Welcome back Renee. Jalen Gnasty is getting busy producing new tracks and the Brooks Street Music Publishing team is as creative as ever. Today we are working on tracks bringing in session players. "I Love What I Do and I Do What I Love". Have a great day.

New To The Nation

Thank you all for becoming fans. I am new to Reverb Nation and looking forward to building relationships and sharing my music with the world. I look forward to the future of independent artist and music and hope to be in your town or country someday. Thank you for your continued support. Musically Yours, Rodney Stepp Indianapolis IN