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Eye Fusion: "Put the gun down"(#1 2011) feeling down and depressed when he heard the news from one his family menbers that his cousin's had been gun down by a drive-by shooting. Eye Fusion wanted nothing more than to sing roots reggae with the help of Top Notch who had feature on the single who began jamming on an idea that Eye Fusion had come up with, Eye Fusion began singing his heart out and wrote "Put the gun down". The song shot to the top of the local charts of the reverbnation and was hailed and commented as one of the #1 roots reggae on the local charts,eye fusion was selected and proudly admitted in the top ten bands by the reverbnation administration.

Eye Fusion has broken into the top ten bands

Respect to all my fans who had help me to broken into the ten bands. without your help i could have not broken into this top ten bands, i am very grateful for this opportunity, thank you all.

Snoop dog

Are you heard the big news? The great American rap artist Snoop Dog will be changing his rapping career to a new one. Yea man he will be starting his new career in Reggae music, he starting recording, his album will be coming out soon,a lot fans is waiting to Hear their artist Soop Dog.

Brief history

Westmoreland, is the eight largest parish, the are is 807 square Km, the population 141,000 in 2001, the commerce are tourism, agriculture manufacturing, the recognised parish language English, spanish.

Westmoreland is the westernmost parish in Jamaica, located on the south side of the island. It is situated to the south of Hanover, the southwest of saint James and northwest of saint Elizabeth , in the county of cornwall , The town and capital is Savanna-la-mar. Negril, a famous tourist destination, is also situated in the parish.

Earley singing

Eye Fusion grew up in the church at the age of five, he attended church with his grandmother each and every sunday. He Start singing in the junior choir at age fourteen, as he grew up in the church he joined the senior choir at age seventeen, while singing on the choir he also played the trumpet in the wind instrument band.While he attended school he and his brother formed a singing band consist of five members included, Noel Tomlinson, Paul Drummond, Clifton Tomlinson, Petroy Ewin and Ralston Blair, this band was known as ''The Concentrators"was based inthe parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica. Eye Fusion and his brother was Banned from there church choir, there singing group made appearance on the National Television on Valentine day singing a love song written by the Air supply entitle ''I'm all out of love".

Woman being shot

Portsmouth...One woman is dead after police found her inside a parked vehicle, with gunshot wounds. Officers responded to the 1100 block of Mount Vernon Ave. just after midnight on Saturday. The police arrived on the scene and found a woman inside a parked car with multiple gunshot wounds to her upper body, according to spokeswoman Jan Westerbeck Emergency crews pronounced the woman dead at the scene. They are not releasing the name or age of the victim. Portsmouth police tell 13 News they do not have suspects or a motive in the case. One person was arrested at the scene for disorderly conduct. Police say the person did not follow an officer's commands when they were roping off the crime scene. If you have any information about the shooting, please call the crimeline

Deadly school Shooting Shocks Brazil

A gunman roamed the halls of an elememtary school in Rio de janerio on thursday and killed 12 children, lining them up against a wall and shooting them in the head at point- blank range as he shouted,"I'm going to kill you all!" That why EYE FUSION recording his single Put the gun down which teaches the youths of tomarrow and all over the world to keep away form the leatal weapon which taking too much people lives.

In Store

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