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Angel in disguise

This song was written many many years ago using only 2 tape recorders and my ovation electric guitar. (I really miss that guitar!) It is a song about my Grandmother and how, as she got older, she moved out of our house and went to live across the country with other relatives. She has long since passed away but she will always be my Angel in Disguise. Angel in Disguise This is the story of an angel in disguise A woman living all alone in an apartment in the sky They called her Mary but a name is just a name It really doesn't matter as I miss her all the same It still feels like she’s here In every shadow In every sound that I hear I can remember her rocking me to sleep Holding me so close that I can feel each heartbeat She’d sit for hours with a needle and some thread While crocheted creations would go dancing through her head She was an angel in disguise Always being honest and never telling lies She had lots of company She had 52 best friends And if she didn't like one of them she would shuffle them again While I was always out, painting the town red Still she kept her light on saying prayers for me in bed If I could only hold her hand I’m sure that she would understand We lived together for 21 years She heard my laughter and she wiped my tears As we grew older we began to drift apart One day she said she’s leaving me Put a shock right through my heart She was an angel in disguise Salt water welled up in my eyes How could I tell her that I did not want her to go? When I knew that she’d be happier and she would not be alone I still remember the day she said goodbye As they loaded up her life she had tears within her eyes I didn't want her to see me cry With one last hug we all watched her wave goodbye

Riverside Bike Ride

With an itch to write something new, I sat by my keyboard and thought about something that made me smile. The result was Riverside Bike Ride. I hope it makes you smile too. ~TUNER~

4 track find

Recently a good friend let me borrow his 4 track so I could salvage some tunes I did back in 1991. This is one of them. It's not the best quality but I saved it, and that's good enough for me. :)


a song written for a friend who gave me a smile and a bit of inspiration :)


So, I finally got around to playing with the new keyboard and wow! it sure is fun! Here's my first song experiment, simply called "MONDAY" since that's the day I wrote it on. I'm still learning the crazy effects I can make with this machine so there will be lots more interesting songs to come. Hope you like it! ~TUNER~

Arcane Zips

Left alone with no time schedule for an entire weekend, TUNER decides that watching the sunrise after staying up all night recording is quite rewarding. I hope you enjoy Arcane Zips; inspired by arcane things.


Well, its a lazy Sunday and its raining outside. So I thought I'd take a few hours and write something quick, just to accomplish something today. It worked, but it is still raining out and the flood waters are still rising..... FOOKING RAIN!


Hi Everyone! First off, I'd like to say Hello! and Welcome! to all my new fans! I'd love to greet you all personally, but I just can't keep up with all the new adds. I will do my best to stay on top of all the fan mail and answer each one as best I can! Now.. for the exciting news! I've posted a new song co-written with my friend Max called SPRING BREAK. Max's amazing guitar work covers my background melodic concoction like icing on a cake. This tune is much edgier than some of the previous stuff I've released, so give it a listen! It's ear candy you'll want more of! Thanks for Listening!!! ~TUNER~


I heard the trains in the distance through my window and I recorded the emotions that I felt at that time. ~TUNER~


I uploaded a video for the song Luma Luna. Its called "A TOES LIFE" and its not your ordinary music video. Long North Dakota winters lead to fits of boredom and creative explosions.. I hope the video makes you smile at least once. :) Smiles are good! A TOES LIFE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwrIDKWHAUw Take care all ~ ~TUNER~