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DEADLINES 1st August 2014!!!

Having recently emerged from the studio, we’re very pleased and excited to announce our next single! The blistering new track, ‘Deadlines’, will be released this summer, on the 1st August 2014!! Our last single, ‘DNR (Do not resuscitate)’ was released back in April 2013. After touring for the following six months, we pretty much closed ranks and locked ourselves in the rehearsal room. We’ve been focused on writing new material ever since. It’s fantastic to finally be getting out there and sharing our music again. We recently returned to the stage with performances at The Riverside, Selby supporting Beholder, and more recently at Fibbers, York, opening the show for local metal legends RSJ to a packed venue. We’re extremely pleased with the new track and cannot wait to share it with you all – trust us, you’ll dig it! The sleeve artwork is finalised and plans are already in place to heavily promote the single online. We hope you’ll help us spread the word!

TBFM 4 Anniversary

We are proud to be helping out with a radio station that is proving that music is where the heart is. We have found that moving within common circles makes us stronger, welcome to our family. We hope you check out this great station on line and keep music real and live!! We think we all deserve to take part in their 4th anniversary and encourage all to get involved and share their hard work. Thank you for support. TBFM INTERNET RADIO IS 4 YEARS OLD! TBFM Internet Radio started out as a pipe dream for Jason McGuire back in February 2009 but soon became a reality when on 31st May 2009 the station was born. The ethos of TBFM is, as it was at the start, to be there for the bands and the fans. Sounds cheesy but its totally true. Over the past 4 years TBFM has hosted over 5,000 independent and unsigned bands ranging from young musicians starting out up to bands now on Worldwide sell out tours. This is something we have been vocal about and is the message for all bands, if you want to get heard on radio – come to us! The station is still run as a non profit company and now boasts over 60 members of staff, all volunteers. From DJ’s to photographers TBFM is a strong team and also one big family with over 80% of the staff being on board for over 2 years. TBFM is more than just a radio station though. We are a community with all the DJ’s talking to the listeners and the bands in the live chat room, manning the stages at major events as well as smaller gigs and supporting bands at their own gigs as much as possible. TBFM has many things being planned for the future. After launching our magazine last year we are moving on from there with events and festivals. We have sponsored some amazing events in the past but plans are already in motion for TBFM to have their own rock and metal festival in 2014. After 4 very hard working years TBFM would like to thank all the bands for sending us their music, the PR and record companies for their submissions of music and invites to events, our photographers and reviewers who are getting their hands dirty right down on the front line, our street team keeping us promoted everywhere, our faithful and new listeners who we are doing this for and of course, the TBFM DJ’s without whom none of this could carry on. We are now the biggest independent rock radio station in the UK and we are still growing stronger every day and we thank you all for supporting TBFM – The Best For Music. http://www.tbfmonline.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/tbfmonline https://twitter.com/tbfmonline

DNR and 2013

Good afternoon from sunny York in 2013! We have neglected our blog for a long time now so its about time we remedy this!! We have been in the studio writing and recording our new single DNR. We have turned our attentions to a more streamlined "heavier" sound than previous material, due mostly to new band members but also a desire to relocate back to our roots so to speak!! We are very proud of our new track and the up-coming songs we have written, its by far some of the most intuitive and fresh material to date. We are planning some interesting lines to pursue over the coming months, from the single release and Promo to some bigger and better live outings towards the summer. We are working hard and looking to connect with some new people, fans and bands to grow our brand organically. Stay tuned and look for some new sounds on this site very soon! Cheers guys! :)

New for Summer 2011

Moving into a power trio and completing some new material, we're excited about our up coming recordings, gigs and promo. We have completed some promotional work with Kluens photography recently and are about to embark on putting some live energy locally during the summer. In addition to these, we are planning on putting together a digital release by the end of the summer, featuring four new tracks, if our time scales go to plan. We're working hard to keep things tight and on the look out for any further opportunities out there too.

Looking forward to a busy summer.


E.P. Progress - 21st June 2010

Work on our debut E.P. continues apace - we now have all the drum tracks completed and most of the guitars down. We're pretty happy with how things are sounding so far - very epic! Work on recording the vocals will begin within the next couple of weeks and we're hoping to release the E.P. by the end of July, ready in time for us to hit the live scene in a big way. The track listing for the E.P. is as follows: Of It's Own Accord 20 Minutes From Now Lost Track Of Time Suckerpunch Keep checking back for updates! Inspades.Inc