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Once you go Dave

There just ain't no pussy better, than a pussy freshly ate.

And there ain't no other way I know, to make good pussy great.

I always lick it 'fore I stick it, and it's always worth the wait.

'cause there ain't no pussy better, than a pussy freshly ate.

It starts out somethin like this, a gentle kiss on the lips.

A little huggin and snugglin, till I get to your tits.

I bit'em and suck'em till them nipples get stiff.

I slowly work my way south, and plant my mouth on your slit.

And I start tickling it, from your ass to your clit.

I reach up with my hands and give them nipples a pinch.

You start moanin and twitchin, I taste your honey drippin.

And the closer you're gettin, the softer I'm Lickin.

I've got the tip of my toungue ticklin somethin inside ya.

Temperatures risin, you're gettin excited.

You're archin your back and you're spreadin your thighs,

you're tryin to hold on it's too strong you can't fight it.

You're bitin your lip, you groan and you gasp.

Hold on make it last, don't wan't you comin too fast.

I don't boast, I don't brag, I'm just statin the facts.

Once you go Dave, there ain't no goin back.

There just ain't no pussy better, than a pussy freshly ate.

And there ain't no other way I know, to make good pussy great.

I always lick it 'fore I stick it, and it's always worth the wait.

'cause there ain't no pussy better, than a pussy freshly ate.

Incoherent Ramblings

You've got some limited skills, I have to admit,

But what you really excel at is ridin a dick.

You two faced imatatin wannabe bitch.

Pry your lips off that nut sack see how far you get.

I see the games that you're playin, I gotta ask myself this.

Whose cock won't you suck, whose ass won't you kiss?

If your status is determined by the boots you lick

I gotta hand it to you slick you're really comin up quick.

Some folks don't care what song they sing.

They'll say Amen to anything

Lined up behind those pushin hardest

to see whose coattails will take them farthest.

I'm a relic you're a repica there's me then there's the rest of ya.

You say that you're the best I guess I just ain't heard the best of ya.

I'm the beef and you're the vegetable

You're average I'm exceptional

You're a funeral I'm a festival

You're a wart on my left testicle,

I'm original sin, you're the recycling bin.

You spit whatever garbage someone throws in.

Here you had me anticipatin somethin new,

Anxiously awaitin what's up and comin from you.

But then the same lame same ol' is all you can do.

I'm disappointed my dude, thought you was keepin it true

......Hear you complain about these fakes, you're out here fakin it too....

Is there no shame in the game, I see these ignorant lames

complaining bout haters no one knows your name.

What the fuck are you sayin what are you afraid of

Rappin over your lyrics it shows just what you're made of

You milli vanilli it, I'm really killin it

You spitting some silly shit ain't nobody feelin it

Call youself a lyricist it's perfectly clear you're just,

talking of topics beyond your experience

Say you got the realist shit dude you can't be serious.

Don't know what you think real is but you ain't come near it yet

Some folks are doin their best with the tools that they're dealin with,

some are inspired while others are stealin shit.

There are some reachin higher and some are just idiots.

Some just ain't gettin it and I'm tired of hearin it.

I've heard it before, I've heard it over and over

From you and your homies and the guy next door

You probably know zactly what I'm talkin bout

ONE OF THOSE DAYS Where to start, what to say, the skies are gloomy and grey. I don't think I've seen the sunshine in three or four days. I woke up in a mood that went from bad to worse. Flat broke so I stole money out of my ol' lady's purse. Needless to say she did'nt appreciate it. But she don't mind spendin mine just as fast as I make it. So some fussin and fightin is what I started my day with. And as the day wears on I just get more frustrated. Angry and agitated ancy and aggravated I'm stuck in a rut, bent past the point of breakin. I wish I was tired so I could just go to sleep. But I'm tense and I'm wired it's got me grindin my teeth, and you know it's been just like this all week.

it's all bullshit in the end


You aint got the tools, you cant use what you aint got, you're so busy-pretendin-to-be somthin youre not?, aint got shit to spit about- so you keep makin shit up, act like youre steppin on your dick- but youre a hairless twat, Yeah i'm turnin up the heat lets get it nice and hot, so you can tell me ’bout those battles that you never fought, Don't sit down at the table, till you throw somethin in the pot, It’s time you shut the fuck up, or show me what you got, what the fucks the deal? Why cant you be for real? why cant you show me who you are? what are you tryin to conceal? you cant put your feelins into somethin you cant feel, you cant fight like youre hungry if you've never missed a meal, You aint shit! you cant spit! and you aint fit to flow, you cant do it- and the truth is- youre to stupid to know, lily white suburbanites tryin to talk like the bros’ hey folks- here we go- its the wannabe show, I’m not fuckin with ya i’m just tryin to find the truth, But thats somthin I dont think im gonna find in you, Youre to fuckd up to see how fuckd up you really are dude, but go on talk your silly bullshit the way that you you do, took yourself a little ride through the city onenight, and now you're all about the D your really feelin that vibe, So tell me all about some bullshit that youve never been through, you cant tell me the truth because the truth isnt in you,

You keep tryin to fit into where you dont belong, you keep doin what you do, but you keep doin it wrong, You just might get it right as time goes on, But the truth is I dont think youll be around that long, Its survival of the fittest and you aint that strong, you had a chance and now any chance you had is gone, this game is played different, this is the way that it works, things are takin for granted, but i guess you havnt heard, a man needs to be man enough to stand by his word, So go put on your skirt and take a seat with the girls, you tryin to work with some bullshit, but bullshit dont work, you tryin to act like the big shit, you sorry little turd, steppin up to the plate like youre some kind of heavy hitter, you tryin to make a sale but you aint got any bidders, aint nobody placin orders ’cause we know you cant deliver, and youre still tryin to spit some bullshit to a better bullshitter, I’m not fuckin with ya, i’m just tryin to find the truth, but I dont think im likely to find it in you, go on talk your silly bullshit the way that you do, youre to fuckd up to see how fuckd up you really are dude, took yourself a ride through the streets one night, yeah youre all about the D your really feelin that vibe, i just cant wait to here some bullshit ’bout what youve never been through, guess you cant tell me the truth because the truth isnt in you

Seven times down, Eight times up.

There was a time when things were right but I've forgotten how it felt. Been gettin shit on for so long now I don't know nothin else. Still, I will not be persuaded and I refuse to be compelled, to get down on my knees to please the others who have knelt. I'm not here to jump through hoops and I've already rung your bells. And I can't fit in the box where you and your homies dwell. I've seen beyond the bullshit that I hear you tryin to sell. I came close to givin over once I just can't get past the smell. I see you fakers feed your envy while you haters cast your spells. Tryin to keep me in the backround or sittin up on some shelf. But I keep shittin in your kitchen sinks and pissin in your wells. I'll rot right here on the bottom 'fore I come to you for help. I cut my teeth on noncompliance and it's just in me to rebel. And I'm content to play the game with the hand that I was dealt. There's a grain of truth included with the lies I've heard you tell. Yeah, Old Dave, he took a fall but he fell forward when he fell


There's nothin that burns quite as bright as the truth. The universe turns by the might of the truth. It's a sign of times when the light of the truth. Is shadowed by lies we've disguised as the truth. It's easy enough to lose sight of the truth Ignorant bliss feels just like it's the truth. And most of us don't have the time for the truth. If you won't look you don't end up findin the truth. Some have a hard time recognizin the truth. Our pride can get us into fights with the truth. At times we all end up denyin the truth. When our preconceived notions collide with the truth. There are those who are willfully blind to the truth. But there's no easy way to hide from the truth. I don't take any particular pride in the truth. But I'm standin right here in spite of the truth.

If we can't fix what's wrong lets fix the blame.

I am so full of shit sometimes that it is indeed, as my dear Mother has said many times, a sad, sad spectacle.


You kids asked for this You have yourselves to blame And I'm so sick and tired Of hearin you're parents complain When I've wormed my way inside Your twisted little brains And played games in your craniums Now they're afraid of ya They should have saved ya They should have kept you away From the taste of the sickness The embrace of the plague Now you're wearin the stain And you're cravin the pain Come and taste from the cup Offered up By old dave

What is there anywhere to compare me to I know some people are scared sometimes it scares me too I offer proof I challenge you to come see for yourself I am old dave and there is no one else

Bow down before the throne Of the great white hopeless Cast your aprons at the feet Of the grand master flowless The oracle springs forth From the tongue of the old one I had no choice I didn't choose I was chosen

I've got to make a list. Old Dave's Favs.

I'm new to the nation so this list will evolve over time. I'd like to thank everyone who's been gettin at me. My parameters are rapidly expanding, and I'm grateful. Much luv. ODZ

Almighty G-side, "American Nightmare, and The Return". Cactusk, "Heart Break". Robert Illo, "Mojo" A- DOT, I like every song that I've Listened to so far. RIC-A-CHE, This guy is his own genre. Martin Pinks, "Oh Dare". Earl Eurp, "bumper Sticker" Mickey Strange, "Salome'". Megan Tonjes, Everthing up on her page is great. D Brown, "Alliyah" Sarana Verlin, "exeter Town"

Can God forgive a man who cannot forgive himself?

Another condescending sermon from the mouth of some low vermin. Who seems urgently determined to take what he hasn't earned. Up here tryin to teach a lesson that I'm havin trouble learnin. Tryin to proselytize the world while remainin unconverted. I see where the book is open but I'm quotin the wrong verses. Sacrificing unclean things there at the alter where we worship. A sepulcher that's painted white and elegantly furnished. Tryin to hide the slimy grime that's lying right beneath the surface. Wisdom shouts out from the rooftops I act like I never heard it. The way is straight and narrow, the road I chose is wide and curvin. I go wallow with the pigs and then pretend that I'm not dirty. Passing judgement on my brothers while I'm askin God for mercy. I had seven silver dollars when I sold my soul for thirty. I stood there at the waters edge then walked away still thirsty. The dark path that I took is lit by bridges I've left burnin. And nothin scares me more than gettin just what I deserve.

Robert Illo
Robert Illo  (almost 8 years ago)