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Fallon Goes into the Studio SEP 13!

I usually never speak in the third person, honestly!! But I am going into the studio to record my new CD mid-september. It has taken a lot to get to this point, and I am tweaking and fine tuning to make the best record I can muster. I am happy to be working with Seattle native Justin Johnson, who for the last bit has been working in Nashville so expect some nice country songs about living on the range. JOKES not gonna happen but I am stoked to work with him because he is a true artist and loves music in all its forms.

I am really hoping for a change in my life, making music my number one priority, and doing whatever I can to make it so. Maybe i'll move and get away from the norm to stimulate some creativity...who knows.

Anyways, I am nervous, excited, a bundle of emotions for the next trek. I hope you all will join me on it.

Thank you kindly for your support of the years. Truly is a blessing to have people behind you on this.

Much love, F