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What's going on with Deretla

Well it's been a long road. Went through a band name, and a few band members, and now here we are. Just finishing up on our first Ep entitled "Altered" and have already started tracking our first full length, which is looking like it may become a double disc! With one of them being a concept album. Reasoning behind that is we would like to start hitting the road here early next year, and don't want to let the songs sit in our heads, would rather make them real, put em to disc and hopefully get rid of em. Ha. Just started out on reverbnation. Only really typing this right now, cause it says I have to in order to make my profile complete. Been trying to make that happen for two weeks now! Anyway, if you've listened to the songs, and have taken the time to get this far in this message. I should let you know that we truly appreciate your time, and hope that we haven't let you down at all with the music. It's metal. Thanks again, Deretla