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Third Show with the new team.

Well, we all had a fun time on Saturday night. Tom played in both We Doubt The Idiots and his other band Regional Dialect. Black & Tan played a really good show as well, and I think Dan's mom is in love with them :) Taking a couple weeks off to poke around with some other songs and re-tune some old ones will be fun.

Speaking of new songs, we just played "Lobotomy" for the first time last night and it went pretty well. A couple of friends even said it was one of their favorites from last night, so that's cool.

Overall, I am extremely excited to be playing with such talented individuals. It is a really fun show and I can't wait to see what we can accomplish.

Keep coming out to the shows and we'll keep giving it all we've got every night.

First show back.

The first show back was really fun. The few hiccups we had got smoothed over pretty well. I have to say that the energy Tom and Kris bring to the stage is amazing, and I know it's only going to get more awesome. If you are in the mood for a fun show, you've gotta come out and see this band :)

Back at it!

Well, We Doubt The Idiots is back gigging again after a short break. New band members have not only brought new life and new energy to the band, but a palpable sense of something great as well.

We're extremely excited to get our first show under our belt with the new team, and then a couple days later play for a big crowd in NE Minnie.

It'll be interesting playing 11 songs (With 3 in our back pocket) during our sets as opposed to the 7 we played before. Gotta keep the energy up throughout the whole thing. ROCK AND EFFIN ROLL.

First step into the Limelight

Dan and Matt are paddling hard in the trendy waters of the social network. It's both exciting and worrysome to jump in all the way, because as soon as we do, it's going to push us to work faster and harder than we have to date.

We're both extremely happy with ReverbNation so far and look forward to diving deeper into it.

All we REALLY need is a bassist.