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Shaynaism's:loving kindness with mercy and justice with total conviction within thy BE-ing unconditioned . Love-light with the Glow that is inside of each and every living being. Blessing4U,

THE VOICE " Holistic arts Education System

Holistic Arts Educational system ~Collective from Heart is going to transform the landscapes of our educational systems. Educational programing that integrates all aspects of growth! Integrating the left side with the right side of our brain along with working with our whole beings. If we can work together as a collective collaboration this educational programing can be mainstreaming into the fabric of our society .Utilizing existing organizations and ascending to the ever changing of technology this can be done. This vision is huge and will revolutionize the way that we educate our children and adults alike. We are seeking corporations and businesses for partnerships, this is a huge Vision that will encompass a wide spectrum . Seeking schools who want to get involved too ! The dreaming is real!

18 mystical word jazz

My eyes see my ears hears and listens to what is gong on in our world today as of this minute. Man fighting Man , Mother nature fighting Man .. where is the HOPE that we're all looking for, isn't this HOPE is in Each one of US. Otherwise, we shall all be DEAD! Blessings, Shayna Bracha Farber

18 Mystical Word jazz

we are at a very crucial time what are we going to do as humanity to look at the realities of life an Who we are. We are being swayed by commercialism and what they who is THEY . I've not forgotten about love and passion and most of all compassion. You have to take the view of an observer . Blessings, Shayna

18 Mystical Word Jazz

Life is a wonderful adventure learn how to play again and bring out your creativity. Nothing is wrong or right when it commes to ART. Blessings, Shayna

Listen to 18 LIFE Mystical Word Jazz on Radio Free Nachlaot 8-23-10

The Best station ever! Lorelai It'll be during my "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show which runs from about 9am - 11am Israel Time. be playing "18" Life Mystical Word Jazz on Monday ... Cool! I don't know when you just have to listen..Radio Free Nachlaot http://radiofreenachlaot.blogspot.com/

18 Mystical Word Jazz

Man sees. Hears, speak, does Man fully Hear everything that ONE Speaks? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We have a library of billions of books each of these books have a story with a beginning and end. The pages of our book of life take us moving forward the zest of life of and inquiry.The sprit LIVES on. Beautiful blessings, Shayna bracha Farber Holistic artist of HFWA

18 Mystical Word Jazz

Our body is an instrument of vibrations and sounds each system and channel that strum the levels come in various ranges. Learning how to manage those ranges and to keep our bodies attuned is all about HOLISTIC ART OF HFWA. And the music!. Beautiful blessings, Shayna Bracha Farber Our bodies need tuning up like a musician or singer who is tuning up their voice. Once we can feel the vibrations of our bodies all over than we can center ourselves. Not only find tuning our bodies we also have keep our mind tuned as well. Blessings, shayna bracha farber

18 Mystical Word Jazz

The people wanted a king so Hashem gave them one. Beautiful blessings, Shayna Bracha Farber


My advice: Don’t get caught up in the static of life and with the mundane. Be aware of Being Aware. Listen to your being the voices inside and know that you are not crazy. You are a brilliant being of light that sparks of the whole room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`````````````````````````````` When we were younger the old saying “Action speaks louder than words”. If we remain passive than we will never get anything done and all of our energies will be built up inside of us when we take action we feel the gratification that we have achieved one of our goals or dreams. Don’t let anyone bring you down on your dreams because they do come true, take action with focus and clarity and with an honest Heart and soul beautiful blessings,Shayna Bracha farber