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Mini Blog 2013!

Happy New Year everyone! Lets go get 'em!....Can't see any great leaders on the horizon so looks like its up to us....yep you and me!......Seriously I hope 2013 is favourable to you. Got some great music to help us along!. Keith Thompson Band pressed on during 2012 with a new album, tours and gigs in UK, USA, Switzerland, Croatia and Poland!....I did some solo acoustic gigs too and all of it was extremely well received. We aim to build on this during 2013. Keep checking the web site for details of gigs and recordings etc. www.densitymusic.com Hope to see you somewhere soon! Keith Thompson

Another Year another dollar!

2010 was a pretty good year, all things considered. With gigs in Croatia, Poland and Switzerland as well as our home country UK. Ok 2011 is starting out extremely slowly as far as live gigs are concerned. However, KTB are busy working on new recordings which hopefully will surface as a new album at some point. In the UK at least, many venues are closing and festivals appear to be in trouble…..but we’ve all been here before haven’t we? Great music has often been produced in recession times! One thing that bothers me though is the trend that some people follow, that music should be free. Some artists are giving CD’s away as a lost leader and making so many tunes available for download free….in the hope that this will spread the word. I do agree that freebies are a good idea and a nice gesture from a band to its fans but……I can’t subscribe to the view that music should generally be free. All art has a value to the person who chooses to purchase it, even if someone else things it’s rubbish! I don’t even like sites like “spotify” because, although the artists still gets paid….the tracks are given away free and paid for by advertising, thus, making a statement , in my opinion, that the music itself is not worth anything in monetary terms. Meanwhile, here’s hoping all of you reading this will have a great musical year!


Hey! I am just trying out some of these sites. They have really great tools but if you are not careful you end up spending all your time on a computer. I have to remind myself every now and then what I am doing this for and that is to PLAY MUSIC! Does anyone else feel the same? But....you have to get the name out any way you can. Nothing beats good promotion but man is it ever time consuming! Great to network and see who is out there though! Some guys like Walter Trout don't seem to touch this on-line stuff much and it doesn't do them any harm! Any ideas how to manage all this easilly welcome!