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VIP packet to anyone who mentions this at Wannee tomorrow night ~

Mention to us that you saw this ad as a fan and receive a VIP packet complete with a free cd signed by the band.

BRUISED GRASS @ Suwannee Disc Jam #12 - FRIDAY FEB 20th

Come check out the band kicking off the Wannee Disc Jam #12, second time playing the DJ series, the band is psyched and has a special surprise show feature we are all excited about, don't miss it! They will begin playing around 8 Friday night.

Heading back to Wannee, Disc Jam Feb 20th

FEB 20th Bruised Grass and King Cotton will be providing the sounds to kick of the Disc Jam #12 at the Suwannee River Music Park, Live Oak FL.

Bruised Grass @ 12.20.14 Suwannee Music Park, Live Oak FL.

The RETURN of Bruised Grass will occur on December 20th. See our performance at the Disc Jam #11 here in our video collection. Enjoy!


On August 29, 2014 Tallahassee area band "Bruised Grass" will be taking their mission to Macon, Georgia's Grant's Lounge. "The Leonard Peltier Freedom Event" is in partnership with SimpleMan Music, Bruised Grass, Grant's Lounge and the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. The band is traveling to Georgia to try promoting this event for the sake of Leonard Peltier, who is medically ailing in a Coleman, Florida Federal Correctional Institution without proper care. Signatures are welcome at www.leonardpeltier.info/petition , they are needed as well as donations. The majority of the cover charge of $10 will go towards Leonard's prison account, every little bit helps him. Leonard Peltier is known the world over as a Native American Political Prisoner, yet, Leonard, amongst other things is also an artist, a humanitarian, a writer, a father, grandfather and an elder. He has been nominated numerous times for the Nobel Peace Prize, was once on the ballot in CA, for President of the United States. After 38 years in prison, stints in solitary confinement, horrible beatings, and repeatedly having had his rights voided at every turn Leonard has somehow managed to remain human, kind, and hopeful. In 1977, Leonard Peltier was wrongfully convicted for the murders of 2 FBI Agents on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The occupation of Wounded Knee and an era in Indian Country known as the “ reign of terror” led to an incident on June 26, 1975. Three men were killed. Two F.B.I. Agents; Jack Coler and Ron Williams as well as a young Indian named Joe Stuntz. The use of constitutional violations, witness coercions, evidence tampering, and a myriad other violations of justice put Leonard in prison and have kept him there for almost 40 years. Bruised Grass' activist and songwriter Warren Simpson has spoken about the band and their activism in some recent national interviews available at his Facebook site www.facebook.com/simpleman1971 More info and how to obtain their music and merchandise at www.bruisedgrass.com , the band's official website. The FB event is loaded with more info at https://www.facebook.com/events/682102215188693/


BRUISED GRASS will be dropping their debut double cd April 26th at Krewe De Gras in Tallahassee, FL., THE BLACK & BLUE ALBUM (18 Songs) has art by Larry Blake. The band is looking forward to getting a kickstarter to package the cd in full art LP packaging. THE CD / Singles WILL BE AVAILABLE ON 4/26 at www.bruisedgrass.com