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Naomie Esler LIVE at the Rotunda Friday September 25th $5 cover

Naomie Esler at the Rotunda September 25th 7p.m. $5 cover.

Please come and support the 10th birthday celebration of the Rotunda. $5 cover. open to general audiences. I'll be performing new songs from my upcoming and long awaited Album "Now". Get more info at http: / / www. therotunda. org I've been writing and producing this project for the past year and I'm excited to share the fun I've had on this, my first album. Get my FAN exclusive download when you joinwww. reverbnation. com/ naomie fan club. "Shake it Out Tonight" my new song featuring Amazing Grace. I'll be performing for a Philly first. Don't miss it!

"Shake it Out Tonight" Check it out http: / / www. myspace. com/ naomiehe

download it http: / / www. reverbnation. com/ naomie

Written, Produced, Arranged, Performed solely By, Naomie Esler. Special Guest Performance By Amazing Grace 2009.