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After a LONG hiatus, I'm working on an album again. This time in partnership with my good friend and co-writer Farnell Cole...and this time we will control every step of the process. We've got several tracks recorded and are hoping to have product by October.

YOUR music.

In case you were wondering...if I hit that "fan" button on your page, that means I listened to at least two of your songs and I heard something I liked. I am personally in charge of this page. If I check my fan listings and see you there, I ALWAYS visit your page and listen to you.


Hey..I just saw that I'm #5 on the Hot Country charts here on Reverbnation! Our song "Friends With The Devil" is getting a lot of plays, as are "In My Head" and "It Ain't Right"..two of those are co-writes with my good friend Farnell Cole.


Spent today getting ready for the next storm..putting up firewood and making sure the rain gutters are clear. Played with Porter Dog...threw the ball 'till my arm fell off. Molly Dog continues to fade from this damned cancer..she's comfortable and had a really good day. Cowboy Dog, the blind Blue Heeler got a wild hair up his ass and started jumping around like a puppy... Working on a new Christmas song with Farnell Cole.. Got Whiskey....good day..

All is well

Spent the day with Sue & the dogs at Silver Lake (el. 8000 ft.)..went for an extended swim in snow melt. Finished 3 songs this week...all is well.

frustrated, pissed and takin' a break

First, an old friend who I have trusted implicitly LIED to me...then I tried for 6 hours to hammer out a song that kept falling apart the harder I tried. Time to step back and regroup.

Downloads coming soon!

I've been crazy busy writing new material and haven't had time to figure out the "downloads" feature here on Reverbnation. For some reason, my mp3 files aren't loading. When complete, I'll be offering 99 cent downloads for selected original songs. I'll need to limit this to songs I personally own outright because I don't need the paperwork headaches involved in selling downloads to covers and co-owned tunes. I hope you find something you like, I intend to apply 100% of the proceeds to a future Nashville session. I'm trying to put together a package for what gets produced there, but that's another plan for another day.