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New FINAL LEVEL live photos up

Photos from our gigs at Liquid Lounge and The Rail Club are up. We recommend our friend Jovy at www.saferineluxe.com who took and edited the photos for your next photog project.

One more show for 2010

We play Liquid Lounge on Friday, December 17 at 10 PM. Come on out and get into the Christmaxxx spirit with FINAL LEVEL. Had a great time playing at The Rail in Ft. Worth last night. Made some new friends in Dallas' Sik. Those boys can play!!! Hope those of you at the show like what you saw and grabbed one of our free demo CD's and a FINAL LEVEL sticker. Just message us if you want a CD or sticker. We'll get one in the mail to you. For now it's back to rehearsals as we work up more tunes for 2011 and beyond. The best is yet to come!!!! Rick FINAL LEVEL

gearing up for shows

We are stoked about upcoming shows in Dallas October 22nd (O'Rileys) and Ft. Worth on 11/5 at Rock Dogs on 11/27 at The Rail and again in Dallas at Liquid Lounge on 12/17.