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... Grinding.

So i decided it was about time I start blogging on here for anyone who cares to read :) ... My first blog is about grinding cause Yes, I be grinding. LOL. I don't think I realized how much time and energy I would have to put into my music once I decided to take it serious. Not only that.. But how much money! 'Cause its sooo stressful, but its all worth it once you see people are really feeling your music. Not just your family and friends, but other people... like all over... and thats when you begin to see and believe in your own talent. Thank you all for that!! & now the late night studio sessions, all the energy writing songs, and all the $ invested into studio rent, beats, etc are not so menial.

... So I will continue Grinding.. For myself.. but most of all for everyone who likes the music I release 3