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New Album Kickstarter is LIVE!

Insomniac Folklore is nearly finished with their new album! Pledge to help get the album released!

Here is the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1701702678/insomniac-folklores-apocalyptic-new-everything-wil

BREAKING NEWS: "Everything Will Burn" IF's next album.

Insomniac Folklore will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund recording and pressing of their next album, "Everything Will Burn." The album is most likely going to be released exclusively on vinyl and then possibly released on iTunes and other digital outlets 6 months or so after the initial release. "It will be an experiment, we are wanting to try something new" Says Tyler Hentschel, the bands lead singer. "There has been a lot of people asking us to put out some vinyl and this should be a great bunch of songs to test those waters. We are really excited about this one!" The fund raising will most likely start in late October and the album will hopefully be released sometime in May. More news to come!

New Full Length Album "LP" Out Now!

The new CD entitled "LP" is available now! It Just might be one of the best records you will hear this year! CD features Insomniac Folklore in all its 7 member glory! Also features our friends Bradley Hathaway and Kat Jones as well as others. Amazing album art by Foo Swee Chin who worked on comics like Nightmares & Fairy Tales, Muzz & Zeet. order now at:

http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lp/id384014053 http://insomniacfolklore.bandcamp.com/ http://cdbaby.com/Artist/InsomniacFolklore